6 Tips for Buying and Storing Ammo
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6 Tips for Buying and Storing Ammo

Is there a right or wrong way to store ammo? Well, the truth is that there are some things to avoid when it comes to stockpiling and securing your ammo supply. Everyone with firearm knowledge understands that the ammo must be kept in a cool, dry space, but what are the best practices regarding buying and storing? Here are six tips for just that.

Buying: Always Stay with the Reputable Companies

Ammo is not one of those things that you want to buy from a questionable retailer. Verify the brand, all their licenses and their supply chain before you give them your business for two main reasons. Firstly, because there is little to no point spending money on ammo that is going to let you down because it hasn’t been looked after properly. Secondly, because a reputable provider will always have a better product and be selling completely legally while being able to offer advice and insight too.

Consider Bulk Buy Options

If you are buying ammo for the purpose of storing it for when you need it in the future, it is always cheaper in bulk. Much like going to a wholesaler and buying bigger quantities of household items like toilet roll or tinned beans, bulk supplies of ammo are often cheaper per unit which gives you a cost saving overall. Bulk buying also means it is far less likely that you reach for your firearm at a crucial moment and have nothing to fire with. So, it saves you time and avoids shortages too.

Storing Large Amounts of Ammo: Do’s and Don’ts

Deciding to buy ammo in mass quantities, however, means learning about how best to store it so that it stays functional and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Don’t Keep It in the Sun

Ammo should always be locked up in a cooler temperature environment. Ammo essentially combusts at an elevated temperature; though this would have to reach fairly high, damage can still be done if exposed to lots of sun and heat. So, if it is left in direct sunlight, whether that is in the car or on a shelf in the kitchen, it will not necessarily fire off, but it will affect the integrity of the design and even make the ammo malfunction.

Do Create a Dedicated Space for the Ammo

Ammo is not something you want falling into general handling in your household. Ammo found in drawers, for example, is really dangerous for small children who might pick it up and see a shiny thing to play with. That is why any ammo, but especially big amounts, should be put away in a safe or a locked cupboard out of sight until it is needed.

Don’t Forget About Moisture

If ammo gets wet, it stops working. That is why you must be on the lookout for potential moisture seeping into the cardboard containers. It is a good idea to consider putting the cardboard packaging into bigger, waterproof containers that are going to be airtight and therefore decrease the risk of the ammo being exposed to things like condensation which could harm their purpose.

Do Keep Your Gun Separate

Gun safety is a pivotal consideration when you are in charge of one. It is important to make sure no one has access that is not supposed to, and that they are always handled correctly and safely. So, storing the gun with the ammo doesn’t seem like the best way forward, and it could increase the risk of an unauthorized person picking it up and discharging it.

Buying and storing ammo is an inevitable part of firearm ownership. You have to know the facts before you can do it safely and be a responsible owner.

May 13, 2023
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