Maxpedition Knives – The Market Sovereign

Maxpedition Knives – The Market Sovereign

California company Maxpedition headquartered in LA was founded in 2003 by Tim Tang, who left medical school in order to make backpacks, bags and traveling gear that would be both ergonomic and durable. His first customers were soldiers and police officers but as word of the quality of his gear spread, civilians in need of quality traveling gear (athletes and adventurers) started buying Maxpedition... »

Spyderco Knives

Spyderco Knives: The Spider’s Bite

Golden, Colorado, U.S.A. Earth. Black, laser engraved words on a piece of CPMN S30V steel. This is not a message on the side of a spacecraft meant for the extraterrestrial intelligence. Every knife enthusiast knows that every high-end Spyderco knife bears this inscription on the ricasso. For years, Mr. Sal Glesser’s family operation stands for the leading company for production folders. Despite th... »

Extrema Ratio Knives

Extrema Ratio Knives: For Brutal Scenarios

The Italian company Extrema Ratio is famous for their specifically designed knives which are extremely popular among special forces and SWAT teams worldwide. At first used only by the Italian commandos in Iraq and Afghanistan, these fine blades drew attention of professionals from other NATO armies. Today, a few European armies issue Extrema Ratio knives to their elite fighting units. As civilian ... »

zero tolerance - kai usa

Zero Tolerance, Kai USA Knives

Kai USA Ltd. is a part of a much larger Japanese corporation doing business under the same name, but the reason we are mentioning it is because it incorporates a famous knife manufacturer, Kershaw. Like most of the other larger manufacturers, Kershaw also moved a part of their production to China and Taiwan to suit lover budgets as well but majority of their production is still kept in their manuf... »

Bob Loveless Knives

Bob Loveless Knives – Copied by many, Perfected by none

Sometimes, it seems that all the great names in knife industry are somehow connected. At the beginning of the 20th century, William Wales Scagel set standards for a completely new generation of knives as we know them today. The legendary Bo Randall made his first knife based on a Scagel model which he bought from a fisherman who scraped the paint off his boat without damaging the edge. Throughout ... »

Extrema Ratio knives – Masterful Designs

Extrema Ratio knives – Masterful Designs

This Italian company is famous for its massive and durable knives that are high class products, indisputably, yet they sometimes bear a price tag that might be a tad too heavy for what they are offering. Let us take a look at some of their more or less successful knives. Pugio – a compact  blade If we look at it as a purely combat weapon, this knife is a good choice for a  hidden or a last c... »

diving knives

Diving knives – faithful underwater companions

The need for the cutting edge  Since the beginning of human exploration of the deep, solid diving knives have been an essential piece of equipment  The wet suits and the aqualung have long ago replaced the heavy brass helmets and lead shoes of the “three-bolt set”. In the advent of snorkeling, the diving equipment comes in all shapes and colors, but the role of diving knives as staple tools has re... »

sog knives and tools

SOG Knives

These knives were originally made in top secret for the most hazardous fighting conditions in wet jungles, both as a tool and a last ditch defense weapon. Today, this company makes good quality hunting and military knives at affordable prices. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group (MAC-V SOG) was formed in the 1964 and was active until the 1972. Its primary objective... »