Beretta AR-70/90: The Patriot

Beretta AR-70/90: The Patriot

In spite of the well-developed defense industry, primarily oriented towards small arms, Italian Armed Forces have been using a clone of M1 Garand rifle up to 1990. The BM-59 was a big, heavy battle rifle firing .308 Winchester (7.62×51 NATO) ammunition, which had already become obsolete as far as modern assault rifles are concerned. The main reason for its replacement was that rifles were vir... »

Beretta 486 Parallelo

Beretta 692 and 486 Parallelo: High Class at Moderate Price

Last year’s IWA Outdoor Classics Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany was marked by the huge Beretta Group stalls which occupied most of the Hall 4. The biggest and the most splendid one belonged to the leading firm of the Group, of course – the Beretta itself. This firearms giant, founded in the 15th century by the master gunsmith Bartolomeo Beretta, prepared two premieres – two double barrel s... »

beretta 21a

Beretta 21a – Small pistol, excellent performance

In the first decade of this century, there has been a great boom in the market of polymer pistols of increased capacity and lower weight, they seemed to push out all calibers lower than 9mm as “insufficient”. Small pocket handguns have been almost completely neglected. Italians, Germans, and Spaniards seem to still like making these weapons – and they make them well. Good Aim One of the best small... »

New Gun Laws Discourage Berettas Expansion in Maryland

New Gun Laws Discourage Beretta’s Expansion in Maryland

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed an infamous law earlier this month, outlawing more than 40 different firearms which are considered assault weapons (including the popular AR-15), prohibiting the sale of magazines carrying more than 10 rounds and requiring prospective buyers to undergo fingerprint licensing. One of the most prominent voices against the law was the Beretta USA factory in Acc... »

tikka t3 carbines

Tikka T3 Carbines

The company “Tikkakoski O/Y” was founded in the Finnish city of Sakara in 1893. Until the end of the First World War, they made various machines and early engines. Only in 1918, during the Winter War (1939-1949 War between Russia and Finland), “Tikka” started manufacturing guns for the Finnish army. During the Second World War, the entire production capacity of “Tikka” factory was focused on makin... »

Beretta MX4 Storm

Beretta MX4 Storm: Ergonomy Defined

The well-known Italian company has completed its Storm series. After the futuristic Cx4 carbine, Px4 pistol and semi-automatic rifle designated Rx4, a new submachine gun known as Mx4 has entered the fray. This bad boy is just about to push aside its predecessors and counterparts. Indian border police have placed an order for dazzling 34,500 pieces. The role of the submachine guns has been waning s... »