7mm Brenneke

The Deadly 7 mm Brenneke

The science behind Europe’s most loved hunting calibre Wilhelm Brenneke was born in Hanover, Germany in 1865. As a boy he was interested in archery, both competitive and bow hunting. Although he worked as a bookseller, his interest in guns and the ammunition drew him deeper in the gunsmith literature. A self-educated man, on his 30th birthday he founded “Wilhelm Brenneke Gewehr and Geschoßfa... »

Ammunition shortage reaches all time high

Ammunition Shortage Reaches All Time High

After the massacre in the Newton Elementary school, firearm owners, already anxious that President Obama would tighten up the gun control legislations have gone into shopping overdrive. Large government purchases, and a plan by the DHS to purchase over a billion rounds have added fuel to the fire. Increased demand for guns and ammunition has cleaned out stores across the country. Concerned gun own... »