a First timers Guide to Buying Firearm Supplies Online

A First-Timer’s Guide To Buying Firearm Supplies Online

Firearm purchasing has become a common trend today, especially in the U.S. Statistics show that about 42% of homes in the country reported owning at least one gun in 2021. However, much thought must go into buying firearms, either online or in-store.  

The process can feel challenging for those new to purchasing firearm supplies on the internet. Among the sea of options, heavy regulations, and high stakes surrounding guns, it’s enough to make any first-timer feel lost. But if you’re a greenhorn yourself in this department, we got you covered. This guide will discuss the ins and outs of getting firearms online safely and legally. 

Understanding the legal landscape 

The first vital step is getting up to speed with the laws. Firearm sales in the U.S. fall under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) jurisdiction. However, regulations can vary drastically state-by-state. Before making any purchase, thoroughly research both federal laws, as well as your specific state and local laws, regarding acquiring and owning firearms.  

Federally speaking, all online gun buys must ship to a local brick-and-mortar Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer, where the buyer can pick up their order after passing a background check. This prevents guns from landing in the wrong hands and confirms the purchaser can legally own guns. Don’t hesitate to consult an expert if you need more clarification. 

Finding reputable online retailers 

a First timers Guide to Buying Firearm Supplies Online

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Not all internet firearm retailers operate equally. To ensure a smooth, secure order, seek out merchants boasting sterling shopper reviews, high satisfaction scores, and transparent business practices. Also, checking out different stores like bearcreekarsenal.com and comparing their offerings can’t be stressed enough before finalizing your seller choice.

Top retailers share licensure, return policies, shipping details, contact information, and more upfront. Verify all policies and credentials before placing an order. Additionally, leaning on fellow gun enthusiasts in online communities can provide additional insight into certain sites’ customer service and reliability. 

Choosing the right firearm and supplies    

Selecting a firearm depends heavily on your intended use case. Will you use it for hunting? Is it going to be part of your collection? Or are you among the 72% of gun owners who consider protection a major reason for buying guns? Knowing your main reason will help you choose one that perfectly fits the purpose. However, first-time buyers may opt for basic models without too many accessories. 

Handguns, rifles, shotguns, and other gun types have unique considerations around caliber, size, weight, grip, and more. Additionally, dialing in proper ammo and accessories is paramount for your weapon to serve its purpose smoothly. Many online gun shops provide extensive product descriptions and user reviews to inform your buying journey further.  

  • Safety first: secure online transactions   

When ordering firearms online, transaction security should be priority number one. Stick to secure payment methods only and avoid any retailer requesting extraneous personal information unrelated to the purchase.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that some credit card companies and online payment processors don’t support gun purchases, and some can track the purchases made using credit cards. Therefore, ensure you research well on how you can make your payments.  

Finally, verify that the seller uses encryption (check for ‘https’ URLs) and read over their official privacy statement before checkout. This will inform you they’re committed to ensuring the safety and privacy of any personal information entered into their online store. 

  • Navigating the shipping and receiving process     

After purchase, the weapon ships to your chosen FFL dealer, where you’ll complete all necessary paperwork and clear a background check before transfer. While inconvenient, this vital precaution enables safer ownership and prevents guns from slipping through the cracks. This pickup process varies by location and individual vendor rules. Some states enforce waiting periods between ordering guns online and taking possession, too.

Getting hip to these required steps ahead of time makes the entire handover less complicated. Reach out to your FFL if you have any questions. 

  • Ongoing Safety and Maintenance Post-Purchase    

Owning and operating firearms demands seriously safe storage, consistent cleaning, and upkeep for longevity and reliability. Invest in a durable gun safe, lockbox, or other secure containers to store your firearm. You should also get shooting training to ensure safety when using the weapon to prevent tampering or accidents inside the home. Additionally, committing to regular maintenance prevents malfunctions or degradation over years of use. 

a First timers Guide to Buying Firearm Supplies Online


Purchasing firearms online can initially feel intimidating, but with upfront research on laws and safety fundamentals, it can become a smooth, convenient process. With this diligent approach, first-time buyers can confidently enter the world of internet firearm sales, though owning guns always carries an unyielding responsibility for caution and care. Do the groundwork and gain the needed knowledge—ordering firearm gear online can be safe and rewarding.

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