Derek Finegan

Derek Finegan is a web-designer mage who likes to shoot his stress out in a shooting gallery.

Descended from finest Irish immigrants of the 19th century, he ended up in the god-forsaken, Americana-at-its-finest mid-western town. Deciding to move on and see the world, he packed his bags and went on a roller-coaster ride. He has gotten as far as the Internet, and he intends to stay there for a while.

Derek is a fan of fireams, but his favourite is the cold, cold blade. One might disagree with him, but it is tough to contradict a man with that big of a machete collection in the living room.
You can connect with Derek on Google+, Twitter, Facebook or info [at]

Celeste Dawn

Celeste Dawn is a netizen and a hunting aficianado, wading through the blogosphere one article at the time.

Born in 1981, but feels like she’s been living in 1984 for too long now. Grew up on a little farm near the big city bustle, so she got best of both worlds. High school was a terrible-great experience and after the University she somehow ended up with a degree in journalism.

Her love for guns of all kinds comes from growing up with three brothers who were all hunters. She only considers honourable hunting, where one uses a 1-bullet gun and lets no part of the animal go to waste.

She is a firm believer in the protection of endangered species and can skin a deer in under 10 minutes.
You can connect with Celeste on Google+ or gunlogi [at]

John Harper

John Harper is a blogger and a weapons enthusiast with a special interest in blades and cold weapons in general.

Born in a military family, he grew up surrounded by different types of weapons and was eager to try them all out. Shooting range was like his second home and camping in wilderness a special kind of challenge that his survival techniques managed to meet up until now – otherwise it would be difficult for him to write this bio and don’t ask why he’s talking about himself in third person – it seems to be a trend nowadays.
You can connect with John on Google+ or thearmsmaster [at]

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