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H&K MP5-22 Rimfire Rifle Review

H&K MP5-22 Rimfire Rifle Review

I can’t be certain but I believe the first time I saw an MP5 sub-machine gun was in Die Hard 2. John McClane gets his hands on one after taking out an enemy with his pistol and from there the MP5 and its variants are peppered throughout the movie. Following that movie, I couldn’t help but notice…

Heckler & Koch’s HK 121
Military Guns

Heckler & Koch’s HK 121

[schema type=”product” url=”https://stateofguns.com/heckler-kochs-hk-121/” name=”HK 121 Machine Gun” description=”As the successor of the MG3, The HK121 opens a new era of universal belt fed 7.62 mm x 51 machine guns. Compared to others, the gas operated HK121 offers an intelligent and contemporary build standard, with numerous technical and ergonomic innovations.” brand=”HK” manfu=”Heckler & Koch” model=”HK 121″…

  1. "Interesting weapon---a second chamber and barrel with a 410 shell would be excellent." A second chamber and barrel, mounted in…

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