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State of Guns magazine, a website by gun lovers for gun lovers. We accept all kinds, from American guns to Yugoslavian guns, from shotguns to knives, from pistols and revolvers to rifles. We want to share the beauty that is the design and the art that is the mechanical meticulousness that shapes today’s firearms. We want to educate ourselves and everyone around us on the proper weapon handling and the responsibility that comes with owning them. Internet is a huge and downright scary place sometimes and we want to make this website a home, so for now your hosts are , Celeste Dawn and John Harper. We want to show that caring for weapons does not mean that you do not care for people as well. We aim to prove that owning guns of any kind does not make you a bloodthirsty idiot. Weapons are a thing of beauty that have been with us since the dawn of time and are hard-coded in our DNA. And they’re there to stay.

  1. "Interesting weapon---a second chamber and barrel with a 410 shell would be excellent." A second chamber and barrel, mounted in…

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