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10 Best Air Rifles by Safe Gun Owners team

Air rifles have been in existence for a while now since they were first invented around the 15th century. The first rifles weren’t high powered air rifles but were still of good use. Most air rifles since then have been used for hunting, target practice, and shooting in formal competitions. One general characteristic of an air rifle is its long barrel. Different types of air rifles exist each with... »

Biometric gun safety

Biometric Technology: Securing Your Firearms the Modern Way

What is biometric technology? The term biometrics is derived from the Greek words bio meaning life and metric meaning to measure. Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people’s unique physical and behavioral characteristics. The technology is mainly used for identification and access control, or for identifying individuals who are under surveillance. The basic premise of ... »

gun maintenance

The Importance of Gun Care and Maintenance

Whether guns kill or don’t kill is a controversial topic. What isn’t debatable, however, is that gun owners need to properly care for and maintain their firearms. It’s part of being a responsible gun owner. Unfortunately, some people don’t seem to understand that. They assume that it’s okay to hide a gun in the house and not take it out unless for emergencies. They don’t think that the buildup of ... »

Training For Capitol Police After Mislaid Guns Found In Bathrooms

Training For Capitol Police After Mislaid Guns Found In Bathrooms

Being an officer of the Capitol Police certainly sounds imposing, and also a little laid back. Perhaps a little too laid back even. Since January, three different instances of guns just laying around have happened. The first case involves a gun found in a bathroom of the Congressional Visitors’ Center by a worker, which was mislaid by a member of Mitch McConnell’s security. This happened in Januar... »

Three-Year-Old Girl Shoots Herself

Three-Year-Old Girl Shoots Herself

Three-year-old’s accidental self-shoting: the gun was not locked A sad day in LeBleu Settlement, Louisiana. Alexis Mercer, 3, died at the local hospital on Monday evening after accidentally shooting herself at home. Sherriff Tony Mancuso stated that the father was cleaning his guns when his three children, aged 1-3, were away with his wife, however, did not lock them up before he went to work. Whe... »

South Carolina Mentaly ill Not Allowed to Buy Guns

South Carolina mentally ill not allowed to buy guns – a year’s success

In 2013, Alice Boland, who gain notoriety for threating to kill the president of the US some years before, managed to get her hands on a .22 caliber pistol, point it at an administrator in a school in Charleston and even pull the trigger. However, due to the gun not being loaded properly, it didn’t fire. Boland was acquitted of her previous charges in 2005, when she was found mentally incomp... »

usa shooting oregon

High School Shooting In Oregon

A recent shooting at a high school near Portland, Oregon, took the toll of one child, a 14-year-old, and many were hurt and scared. Student Jaimie Infante told CNN that at first she wasn’t aware that it was shooting she heard, and only after the assistant principal told students to go into lockdown mode did they realize it was really happening. As the sources told CNN, the shooter appears to... »

Loaded Gun Found In Toy Aisle

Loaded Gun Found In Toy Aisle

Disturbing news from the discount giant Target, as a loaded gun was found in the toy aisle of their branch in Myrtle Beach. This comes after several victories by gun control activists concerning gun carry at fast food chains in recent weeks. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, among others, had already launched a campaign trying to get Target to ban firearms from their stores, and this co... »

School Holds Toy Firearms Buyback

School Holds Toy Firearms Buyback

HAYWARD — An elementary school will has held a toy gun exchange this Saturday, they offered students a book and a chance to win a bicycle for turning in their toy weapons. Principal of Strobridge Elementary, Charles Hill insists that children playing with toy guns are more prone to not taking real firearms seriously. He said, “Playing with toys guns, saying ‘I’m going to sh... »

The Liberator - a Printed Plastic Handgun

The Liberator – a 3D Printed Plastic Handgun

Cody Wilson (our hero) seems really determined to stir up the hornet’s nest that is our country’s firearm legislation. The 25-year-old intends to release blueprints for the first entirely 3D-printable handgun called “the Liberator” sometime this week. Forbes was given an exclusive preview of the gun creation process, including 16 pieces of the weapon printed in ABS plastic. The non-pri... »

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