Training for Capitol Police After Mislaid Guns Found in Bathrooms
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Training For Capitol Police After Mislaid Guns Found In Bathrooms

Being an officer of the Capitol Police certainly sounds imposing, and also a little laid back. Perhaps a little too laid back even. Since January, three different instances of guns just laying around have happened.

The first case involves a gun found in a bathroom of the Congressional Visitors’ Center by a worker, which was mislaid by a member of Mitch McConnell’s security. This happened in January.

Following this, in March, a gun was found in the toilet of the speaker’s suite of offices, by a young child, after being forgotten there by John Boehner’s police detail while using the premises.

Finally, this April, a housekeeper in the Capitol Police headquarters also found a gun while she was cleaning.

U.S. Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine says that he“unequivocally understand(s) the concerns regarding the recent issues related to the mishandling of weapons by some of our officers”. He added that each case is being processed or will be investigated and that he is looking at changing the penalties for this type of lapse in judgment.

Currently, mishandling of weapons is subject to a five-day suspension without pay, and the police chief stated that they are considering increasing that to a minimum 30-day suspension, with termination in case of a more serious offense.

He also stated that online training is being created for all the officers to go through once a year.

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