How to be a responsible gun owner?
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How to be a responsible gun owner?

5 basic safety standards every responsible gun owner should adhere to

The recent rise in gun violence across America has compelled many authorities to reflect on firearms usage. So far, there is no such proposal made to limit firearms ownership. The only matter of concern is how to impose a sense of responsible gun ownership among the population.

When speaking of gun ownership, you must already know that it’s a Constitutional right, protected by the Second Amendment. 

According to Pew Research Center, three-in-ten American adults say they currently own a gun, and another 11% say they don’t own a gun but live with someone who does. 

The US Constitution does not limit the number of firearms a person can own. Two-thirds of responsible gun owners stated they own more than one gun, including 29% who own five or more firearms.

While the US Government and many other nations across the globe enable citizens to enjoy the freedom of firearms ownership, they also expect them to abide by specific regulations.

Freedom comes with a load of responsibilities. Living in a free nation doesn’t mean you defame other races. Similarly, if you own firearms of any kind, you must acknowledge the rules.

We have rounded up 5 basic safety standards all firearms owners must adhere to.
Let’s have a look:

  • Make sure that you point the muzzle in a safe direction

It is the most obvious rule. Never point the muzzle to a direction you do not want to shoot at. Tens and hundreds of cases reported every year point the same issue – the shooter did not intend in that particular direction.

Be extremely vigilant of this rule when you are loading or offloading a gun. If a firearm accidentally discharges, there will be fewer chances of injuries. Make sure your gun points in a safe direction. Most of the time, the safest orientation is to point it towards air or ground.

Bear in mind; you are handling a pretty dangerous weapon. Even during “dry firing,” or teaching, with an unloaded firearm, do not point it in an unsafe direction. Hence the bottom line is, be aware of where your gun points and oblige by all legal issues of owning weaponry.

  • Unload when not in use

Only load your firearm when you intend to use it. Make a habit of loading once you have reached the target area or a shooting range. If you are at your office or home, keep the firearm and its ammunition at separate places. It is essential to ensure no unauthorized personnel will access it.

As mentioned, the loaded gun is only for specific locations. When you are out of that and inside your car or apartment, unload the firearm. Also, keep the action on when you hand it over to someone else. An experienced responsible gun owner checks the ammunition every time he/she puts a gun away. Open the magazine, receiver, and chamber to ensure there is no ammunition inside.

The demand of situation may force you to run or jump a fence or take any other aggressive physical measure. Having a loaded weapon in your holster or scabbard would be a rash move on your part.

  • Focus on the target and beyond

The Pew Research also revealed that 89% of the gun owners believe owning a gun is extremely important for their identity. Although we are in no position to argue that, there is one aspect we want all people to acknowledge. That is the focus!

The shooter must identify the target beyond all doubts before they fire. If there is any confusion about the goal or what is beyond that, he/she must not shoot. It is essential to be absolutely sure of the aim by focusing on color, shape, and characteristics.

It is vital to join a professional shooting program to improve your aim and shooting skills. You can purchase firing range memberships in Oklahoma City if you live there or look for a reliable range in your county. Continual training by experts will enable you to weed out the tunnel vision and identification of target using sound, shape, color, and many other characteristics.

  • Keep finger off the trigger before you are ready

It is human instinct that as soon as they get their hands on a gun, they will put their finger on the trigger. As a responsible firearm owner, you must get over this instinct.

You must learn the trigger finger discipline. As the name implies, it helps you keep your trigger finger under control. Steadily, your trigger finger becomes your safety finger. The training teaches you how to keep your finger straight and rest along the side of the frame.

Through all actions like making fixtures, loading, unloading, or placing somewhere, your finger stays in an indexed position. As a firearm owner, it is your ultimate duty to pay attention to your body language while you have any weapon in your hands.

  • Avoid drugs and alcohol when using firearms

A person who understands his responsibility as a firearm owner steers clear of all such habits that will daze him out (at least when he/she is probable to use it anytime soon). You must avoid all situations where there is a possibility of getting drunk before you are prepping up to shoot. However, if your firearm isn’t with you and locked away, you can indulge in these recreations.

It is also essential to avoid the company where there is a high chance you will get drunk and shoot.

Final Thoughts

Undetermined intent is one of the most reported firearm crimes reported each year. Children die more than once a week due to unintentional shooting. Also, the recent increase in gun violence in the US is an indication that the issue of firearms responsibility needs the ultimate concern of authorities.

With every weapon you own comes a load of responsibility you must address. We hope you will address your duties and work out a solid plan on how to handle a gun and use it properly. If you have any queries or confusion, feel free to let us know!

March 29, 2020
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