Assault Rifles

Beretta AR-70/90: The Patriot

Beretta AR-70/90: The Patriot

In spite of the well-developed defense industry, primarily oriented towards small arms, Italian Armed Forces have been using a clone of M1 Garand rifle up to 1990. The BM-59 was a big, heavy battle rifle firing .308 Winchester (7.62×51 NATO) ammunition, which had already become obsolete as far as modern assault rifles are concerned. The main reason for its replacement was that rifles were vir... »

B&T APC 556

Swiss-Tuned Assault Rifle and Carbine

Swiss quality and precision is legendary. In this case it is applied to a remarkable rifle. Optimal military/police weapons have to fulfill some contradictory conditions – weapons have to have sufficient range and firepower to be effective but it also had to be as compact as possible, so soldiers can carry more gear and ammunition. Police weapons have an additional requirement – reduced penetratin... »

DRD Tactical Paratus P762 Gen2: A Rifle Hitting Hard

DRD Tactical Paratus P762 Gen2: A Rifle Hitting Hard

A relatively unknown American company “DRD Tactical” has recently launched a new unusual assault rifle design, called P762 Gen2. The rifle construction raised interest among users of other similar rifles. Chambered for 7.62×51 NATO and limited to single fire, the whole system can be broken for transport and it can be put together in less than a minute. The idea was to create a high-powered an... »

MPAR-556: The Homecoming of AR-18

MPAR-556: The Homecoming of AR-18

Eugene Stoner’s AR-18 design is a textbook example of how an unjustly neglected construction may return in its full glory after years of modifications and improvements. Although considered much better than AR-15 by many, it was newer officially adopted, but it served as a model for development of almost every modern assault rifle of today. The last sprout is MPAR-556. In its own time, it was consi... »


FN SCAR: This is my Rifle this is my Gun…

For the last two decades the US Army has been rearming its special forces units and some of those new weapons even made it into the infantry corps. Although some blamed the Army command for being weapon-chauvinistic, the fact that our troops use Belgian FN machine guns in Iraq and Afghanistan is enough to dismiss those accusations. Even the legendary and patriotic AR-15 concept is being replaced w... »


SIG MPX: The Claimant

The king The importance of submachine guns in modern warfare is not likely to diminish anytime soon, although almost every assault rifle in the world is followed by its carbine version. Submachine guns are simple and inexpensive weapons, with straightforward manufacturing process, and there are countless different designs, as almost every country has developed at least one domestic model. However,... »

Hawk Shotguns

Hawk Shotguns

Remington’s new clothes Hawk Industries (a division of China North – Norinco) is located in the city of Qiqihar in northern China and was founded in 1954. The Company deals in manufacture of shotguns meant for both export, and domestic use. They manufacture a wide variety of shotguns, from standard pump actions to drum fed semiautomatics, with fixed or folding stock, and for civilian, huntin... »

Colt SCW

Colt SCW: A Trailblazer for the Seals

Among military and police users, the improved compact versions od the M16 assault rifles chambered in 5.56×45 NATO (.223 Remington) are more popular than ever. Three years ago, the lead manufacturer of these weapons, the American company “Colt Defense LLC“, based in Hartford, has announced and presented a new version of the M4 Carbine, designated SCW (Sub Compact Weapon). It is the smallest v... »

Kriss Super V Vector

Kriss Super V Vector: The Return of the SMG

When the strange looking Kriss Super V Vector submachine gun appeared, its maker the “Transformational Defense Industries“ from Wyoming, USA latter known as KRISS USA was a completely unknown company. Only a few years later, the KRISS USA presented itself on the IWA 2011 international gun show as the owner of the famous Swiss “Sphinx“ company. The only suspect for such a fast growth in the time of... »

Beretta MX4 Storm

Beretta MX4 Storm: Ergonomy Defined

The well-known Italian company has completed its Storm series. After the futuristic Cx4 carbine, Px4 pistol and semi-automatic rifle designated Rx4, a new submachine gun known as Mx4 has entered the fray. This bad boy is just about to push aside its predecessors and counterparts. Indian border police have placed an order for dazzling 34,500 pieces. The role of the submachine guns has been waning s... »

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