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If you would like to submit your work to a wide audience of gun connoisseurs and get feedback, stateofguns.com is interested in publishing it if we find your article fulfills our standards regarding the quality of writing and the language used.

In order to submit a review, you may send it via email to igamethinktank  [at] gmail [dot] com, clearly marked in the title with “Review submission: YOUR TITLE – write for us” which should contain the name of the product you are reviewing. The email should contain a short description of yourself and the gun, as well as at least two pictures 1200x630px that we might use (or not) in the publishing of the review.

Send only one review per write for State of Guns e-mail and make sure your writing is objective, in detail, with pros and cons clearly explained.

Here are some additional notes on what your review needs to have for a proper “write for us” guest post proposal:

  • Between 500 and 2000 words
  • At least one, preferably featured, image with 1200 x 630 px dimensions
  • Good organization with clearly marked section headings
  • Includes some notes on the gun maker or some history on the gun itself
  • When referencing others, you need links to the source
  • When talking about gun performance, do so in detail, and explain any issue or concerns

If we are interested in publishing your review, let us know at “igamethinktank [at] gmail [dot] com“, and we will be in touch shortly.

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