Combat knife photo Combat Knife 101 Guide to Find the Right Combat Knife

Combat Knife 101: Guide to Find the Right Combat Knife

Having the proper knife can be the difference between life and death under certain circumstances, especially if you are in the wilderness or in combat. So how do you go about to find the knife or a switchblade that can be your savior in times of distress?

Combat Knife, also known as Tactical Knife, is a great tool that can help you out in most situations, provided you pick up the right one suited for your purpose.

Combat Knife Combat Knife 101 Guide to Find the Right Combat Knife


The difference between any other combat weapon and a tactical knife is the fact that the latter can keep you company in day to day situations as well as in times when you need protection or defense. Naturally, such a significant tool should be chosen with care. Pick one that would boost your confidence. In sudden situations where you may need to use this tool for combat, your confidence is what will give you the upper brand. Naturally, you should select one that you can rely on.


These have a reputation of being the more significant type of knife, but the question still remains, why even go for these knives and not some other knife type.

There are some very good reasons for choosing this type of knife as your companion in close combat or hand-to-hand fighting, like:

  • Strong & handy:

This kind of knife has a strong blade and can be used under all conditions. From a small to medium size, ensure that it is well hidden and easy to handle.

  • Does not break easily:

These knives have been designed to ensure that no part can break off in the toughest situations.

  • Easier to maintain:

The design of the knife is such that its maintenance is low cost and can survive harsh conditions for a longer period of time.

  • Compact Design:

Its compact design makes it a great tactical tool that can be easily handled and drawn in combat. This also ensures that the knife can be a great self-defense tool in combat situations lending you protection against any kind of attack.

Combat Knife 101 Guide to Find the Right Combat Knife


If you scour the internet and market, you will find numerous stores offering a wide range of tactical knives. So, how will you know which one is best for you? Knowledge about each kind is what would guide to pick up the one that is right for your need or purpose.

  • Fixed Blade Knives:

These kinds of knives do not have the hassles of being opened or the presence of a hinge that needs to be maintained. Hence, they have the features to make amazing tactical knives. These can be concealed in a leather sheath with ease. The sheath not only protects the knife but also helps to carry it in a concealed way.

  • Automatic knives/Switchblades:

These spring-loaded knives are great at combat and the smaller size makes hiding the knives an easy task. The spring action of the blade is activated with a touch of a button, lever or switch. The spring action of these knives ensures that you are faster than your opponent during combat.

  • Karambits:

These are a type of Southeast Asian curved knife that resembles a claw. These are usually used in a slashing or hooking motion. These also have a finger ring which can be used for a hammering motion. The many striking motions make it the ultimate tool for self-defense. The finger guard also makes disarming the knife next to impossible and provides a better grip on the knife.

  • Boot Knives:

These are a kind of small fixed blade knife, which can be easily carried in the boots or under the pant leg. Most of these are double-edged, making it a great combat tool. These are easy to carry and can be used as a backup knife or as a last line of defense if you are disarmed. This does not mean that they are of low quality and cannot be used as a primary weapon of combat.

  • Neck Knives:

These knives are small single-edged knives that can be worn around the neck. Easy to carry and deploy during an emergency tactical situation like coming in a close range of an opponent, makes these knives a great combat weapon. The small size ensures that these can be easily hidden beneath your clothes.

Various brands and companies have their own range of tactical knives. Buying from a reputable brand ensures quality that would consequently ensure best results thereby boosting your confidence. In situations of defense and combat, tactical knife you choose should be the right gear to help you wiggle out of the situation.

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