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The Big Five Combo: Mauser 03 Africa and .404 Jeffery

The Big Five Combo: Mauser 03 Africa and .404 Jeffery

The reasons for disappearance of .404 Jeffery caliber can be traced to the shortage of ammunition in markets, as well as decreased interest in weapons that use it. It’s a pity that such a cartridge, which can parry .375 H&H magnum and .458 Win. Mag. is almost completely forgotten. At the turn of 19th century, .450/.400 NE 3” started taking over as a favorite rimmed cartridge in dangerous hunts... »

RX Helix: Don’t Mess with Merkel

RX Helix: Don’t Mess with Merkel

The new Merkel RX Helix was designed as a revolutionary direct action hunting rifle. Now, after almost three years, this fine rifle has taken a high place on the hunting rifles’ market. We will explore the details of its operation and introduce the models and versions thatwere derived from the basic RX Helix design. In the central Germany, in the Federal State of Thuringia, a region covered in den... »

Blaser BD14: Gentlemen Prefer Drillings

Blaser BD14: Gentlemen Prefer Drillings

This superb break-action rifle is a universal hunting rifle, especially for gentlemen hunters who are continuing the Old World traditions. European hunting philosophy was based on measuring a hunter’s dexterity and wood lore with the natural instinct of the game. These hunters are reluctant to accept technical superiority of modern rifles. They hunt with pieces that don’t rely on interchangeable m... »

T/C Dimension: One Carbine to Rule Them All

T/C Dimension: One Carbine to Rule Them All

We can’t believe there’s a one-shot hunter who hasn’t heard of “Thompson/Center Arms Company”. Their single-shot break-action pistols and rifles Contender and Encore have become synonymous with a single-shot kill, especially because of their muzzle loader line. During the WW2, Warren Center was a specialist for several types of firearms in the US Army. After the war, he worked in Dallas, TX ... »

Beretta 486 Parallelo

Beretta 692 and 486 Parallelo: High Class at Moderate Price

Last year’s IWA Outdoor Classics Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany was marked by the huge Beretta Group stalls which occupied most of the Hall 4. The biggest and the most splendid one belonged to the leading firm of the Group, of course – the Beretta itself. This firearms giant, founded in the 15th century by the master gunsmith Bartolomeo Beretta, prepared two premieres – two double barrel s... »


Mauser M12 Bolt Rifle

In the first half of the 19th century Franz Andreas Mauser worked as a main gunsmith in the Prussian state arsenal in the city of Oberndorf. His son Peter Paul Mauser was born in 1838, went to military technical school, and joined the military in 1859, in arsenal. Technically gifted, Peter Paul Mauser soon after offers his own patent to the army, a breech loading cannon. The conservatives in the m... »

Stevens Model 200

Stevens Model 200 – Savage Arms

Although low priced, with more than basic finish and plastic stock, this is a formidable rifle which offers a platform for a number of modifications combined with match-grade accuracy. Click for pricing info: Savage® Arms Model 220 at Cabelas   The company which makes this rifle is much less known brand than the company which gave birth to it –  “Savage”, the company which in 1920 bought “Stevens”... »

benelli beccaccia supreme

Benelli Vinci Shotguns

Those of you who are into sport cars as well are probably familiar with the meaning of “concept model”. To cut it short, a concept model is car that looks as if it came from the distant future. They usually make only one or few units, never in large series. Brimming with new solutions and futuristic looks, the sole purpose of concept cars is to show company’s power and intellectu... »

Sauer 101

Sauer 101 Hunting Rifle

Sauer can be easily called a byword of quality. They have close ties to Swiss companies “Sig”, “Mauser”, “Ruag”, “Zeiss” and “Blaser”. All rifles with the “Sauer” name are top quality firearms, no matter the type. Their hunting carbines, S303 semiautomatic and S202 repeater are some of the best models available anywhere. The only real “flaw” of these weapons is exceptionally high price. Price of $... »

Rizzini SRL rifles

Rizzini SRL: A Family of Guns

Italian Job The town of Brescia lays in the northern, industrially most developed part of Italy, known as Val Trompia. It is the gunmaker’s paradise on Earth, and the home to dozens of big and small companies making hunting, sporting and military firearms. If you make north from the Brescia downtown, the road will take you between the lakes Lago D’ Iseo and Lago di Garda, and you will ... »

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