Weihrauch HW100S Review – PCP Air Rifle
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Weihrauch HW100S Review – PCP Air Rifle

The Weihrauch HW100 S “Sporter” is part of the Weirauch HW100 series. This series includes one other rifle, the HW100T; a similar rifle with the main exception being it’s a thumbhole version vs the Sporter magazine. It’s considered more of an entry-level air rifle but all things considered, it’s one of the much stronger entry-level rifles, mainly because it’s part of the Weirauch family. 

About Weirauch

Weirauch has been around for a long time, being founded in 1899 – this makes them a staple in the air rifle world. They operate under Weirauch in Europe but in the US are distributed under Beeman. Weirauch, clearly being a German name means you get the best German engineering when it comes to their rifles. It was post-world war two that Weirauch really ramped up their air rifle-making capabilities and started producing the high-quality air rifles we’re familiar with today. 

Weihrauch HW100S Review

Now, the Weihrauch HW10Now, the Weihrauch HW100 Sporter is a fairly compact rifle that weighs 3.8kgs when unscoped. The rifle is superbly balanced and feels light when supporting it whilst shooting but it is still a fairly stocky rifle. Weirauch has been known over the years to create solid rifles so with the Sporter there’s no change here. It comes with a 14 shot magazine and out of the box, you get two of these which is great if you need a spare on hand. The 14 shot magazine is a big plus, especially if your target is far. If you are planning to hunt in the dusk or night, consider buying yourself a specialized scope for hunting in the night, since even the 14 shots magazine can’t help you in the tough conditions.

Given 10 is the standard on most other comparable air rifles. The 14 shot magazine comes with .177,.22 and .20 caliber rifles. In terms of power delivery, you should get 12 ft. lbs although there are higher-powered versions available for which you will need a firearms license, at least in the UK. 



The design is overall nice with a walnut stock. The only slight negative here is that Weirauch has opted for very straight stock edges which don’t look as great as rounded ones but when it comes to shooting however if you have the rifle up against your cheek you don’t notice at all. The rifle is designed to be ambidextrous, so there’s no difference if you are left-handed or right-handed. Out of the box and underneath the air rifle, it comes with a standard mounting screw but this can be easily customized with a stud that makes the addition of a bipod much easier. It will save you having to drill any holes into the stock and running the risk of splitting the walnut body, something I have painfully done before. Probably the most defining feature of this gun is the cool side lever action, something that is not on most air rifles, as bolt action tends to get favored. The closest comparable side-lever rifles would have to be the Air Arms S510 series and Brocock Comatto. Personally, I found the side-lever took some time to get used to too but overall is a nice touch. 

Other HW100 Models 

Weihrauch HW100S
Weihrauch HW100S

It’s also worth noting that the Sporter also comes in two lightweight versions: the HW100 S Full Shrouded Barrel and the HW100 SK Fully Shrouded Barrel. These versions are both full-length but essentially are just slightly lighter variations of the core Sporter rifle. For more information on the full Weirauch HW100 series check out Alpha Militaria and their guide.


  • Great entry-level rifle
  • It’s extremely good value and quality, for the price


  • It’s a little heavy and stocky
  • Side-lever may take some getting used too


Final Thoughts About Weihrauch HW100S

Overall the Weihrauch HW100 S (Sporter) is a fantastic, entry-level rifle. For the price, you won’t find a better all-around and sturdy rifle. Being built by Weirauch, you get the benefit of years of German engineering where they’ve fine-tuned and improved the design. As a result, what we get is a very capable entry-level rifle that can hold its own against most mid-level rifles. I’m a big fan and recommend it again as an entry-level air rifle or solid secondary rifle within anyone’s collection. 

About the Author:
My name’s Adam Harris. I’m an airgun hobbyist having started the sport 3 years ago. I’ve used a range of rifles down my local shooting range, my favorite would be Daystate rifles. I started Alpha Militaria in December 2019 as I and two other hobbyists wanted to make more information you can find easily down at your shooting range, available online for others to find. We provide impartial reviews of air rifle products. 

April 18, 2020
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