School Bus Drivers Facing Embezzlement And Gun Charges
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School Bus Drivers Facing Embezzlement And Gun Charges

Two school bus drivers are faced with multiple felony charges for embezzling over $50,000 which they used to stockpile an arsenal of firearms.

Steven Nick and Sarah Nick, residing in Davidson Township are accused of 15 different felonies after Robert Pickell, the County Sheriff accused them of embezzling money from Sarah’s mother.

According to Pickell, the Nicks were managed to acquire over 30 firearms, including a .50-caliber machine gun and a suppressed sniper rifle. They also stockpiled 17,000 rounds of ammunition.

They were arrested March the 27th.

The police seized multiple bulletproof vests with patches stating “we kill for peace”. They were found in the couple’s home by Pickell’s deputies. They also discovered a vest for the Nicks’ daughter of nine.

According to Pickell, the Sheriff’s office started investigating the couple in August of last year, following a tip-off by adult protective services.

Investigation by the elder abuse task force uncovered that Sarah and Stephen began writing checks to themselves after getting access to the accounts belonging to Sarah Nick’s mother.

After obtaining a search warrant, the officers allegedly discovered a secret bunker hidden in the home’s basement wherein they found the stored weapons.

Sheriff Pickell said that most weapons appear to be legal but the couple was charged with possession of a short-bareled rifle that did not meet state minimum length standards. Despite the legal status of the majority of weapons, they were still seized by the deputies.

According to sheriff Pickel the problem with the weapons was that they were purchased with stolen money.

Pickell said the Nicks had ties with Shoutheast Michigan Volunteer Militia. They are a group that presents itself as a group of armed citizens that make efforts to prevent and mitigate disasters, criminal activities, terrorism and tyranny.

Sarah Nick, aged 32, worked as a bus driver for the Flint School District via a third party contractor. According to school officials, the contractor fired Nick.

Steven Nick, aged 33, also worked as a bus driver but he worked for Davidson schools. We were unable to reach Davison school officials for comment.

Spouses were released on bond. They are facing a 15-year prison sentence if convicted.

April 14, 2015
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