Inteliscope – Developing shooter’s firearm mount and Apple app
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Inteliscope – Developing shooter’s firearm mount and Apple app

SANDPOINT, ID-May 14, 2013–Newly formed company “Inteliscope,” has announced the launch of the Inteliscope mount for firearm and Apple device app.

Did you ever want a high tech scope that would display all kinds of data? From wind strength and direction, to GPS; with different types of crosshairs, 5x digital zoom, a flashlight and a strobe? That you can use to record and playback videos? You can even use it to shoot at the target around the corner without exposing your head. If the answer is yes folks at Inteliscope might have just the thing.

Inteliscope gun mount and apple app

They are working on a custom firearm mount that fits Picatinny and Weaver tactical rails, and serves as an iPhone or iPod touch slot. Combined with the software portion of the set, this turns displays of those devices into a smart high-tech digital scopes with some really nice features.


All of this definitely sounds nice if you’re both a firearm and tech enthusiast. We will be sure to do a full review as soon as we get our hands on one of them.
Those of you interested, can check out the company website and pre-order the device and the app for $69.99.
Images and data with courtesy of Inteliscope.

May 23, 2013
  1. "Interesting weapon---a second chamber and barrel with a 410 shell would be excellent." A second chamber and barrel, mounted in…

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