Three-Year-Old Girl Shoots Herself
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Three-Year-Old Girl Shoots Herself

Three-year-old’s accidental self-shoting: the gun was not locked

A sad day in LeBleu Settlement, Louisiana. Alexis Mercer, 3, died at the local hospital on Monday evening after accidentally shooting herself at home. Sherriff Tony Mancuso stated that the father was cleaning his guns when his three children, aged 1-3, were away with his wife, however, did not lock them up before he went to work. When the family returned, the girl managed to get to one of the guns, which was loaded, and pull the trigger.

‘Lock your guns, and keep them out of reach of children,’ said Mancuso, ‘They can’t do it on their own. They’re curious. They’re going to go look. They’re going to show a friend. If you can’t afford a gun safe, every single gun that’s sold in America comes with a gun lock. Lock your guns and keep them out of reach of children.’

‘It makes me angry. It makes my heart hurt. It’s just something that shouldn’t happen,’ he added.

Sheriff’s spokesperson, Kim Myers, says that the father’s gun collection included a rifle and two handguns, one of which was used. The case is going to the District Attorney’s Office, in order for them to determine if charges will be filed, now that the investigation is finished.

She added that the other two children were not injured.

February 12, 2015
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