Italian Elegance – Fausti Shotguns
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Italian Elegance – Fausti Shotguns

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The Fausti company was founded by Cavalier Stefano Fausti in 1948. The first series of rifles made by the company, the Taranto series, was very well received.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Stefano Fausti proceeded with crafting hammerless double-barrelled shotguns and side-by-side shotguns. The success of these weapons led to expansion of his business. In fact, he was so successful and respected that he received the honorary Italian title of Cavalier. After Stefano’s death, the business passed into capable hands of his three daughters Elena, Giovanna and Barbara; often referred to in the gun literature as the “Gun Sisters”. They introduced modern CNC machines and CAD-CAM design systems. They managed to present even more luxurious and overall better models of these rifles. Today, the Fausti stand on all major gun fairs is among the most visited ones.

Let’s start with a side-by-side hammer shotgun. The Noblesse rifle comes in two variants – Theme 1 and Theme 2. The only difference is the shape and pattern of engraving and luxury finish. It can be made in all shotgun calibres with multiple barrel lengths and choke configurations. The gun is always made with slender English butt-stock crafted from high-class walnut. Seven pins on each side plate, along with valuable V-type leaf springs allow for external hammers to be cocked softly and strike with precise amount of force required. Hammers can come in contact with the firing pin only when the trigger is fully pulled, almost eliminating the chance for accidental discharge.

The Noblesse rifle

Safety and Design

Fausti Stefano designed his hammer rifles with extremely strong locking systems. Aside from two Purdey lugs they also have a single Greener Crossbolt and a Scott spindle. Barrels are joined together using the chopper lump procedure.

Noblesse Theme 1 us not engraved, it has rich gold inlay that looks like golden lace on black velvet. While gold inlay often looks tacky, good design of Theme 1 avoids that problem. Noblesse Theme 2 has a classic burnt finish with scrollwork engravings.

Another luxury Fausti side-by-side model is the Senator shotgun. It uses an H&H mechanism, sidelocks with seven pins with leaf springs and interceptors. It’s purpose is to arrest the movement of hammers before they reach the firing pin unless the trigger has been fully pulled. Interceptors are installed only in première weapons, they are the highest-class internal safety system. Senator side-by-side can come with or without a lever used for removing sidelocks. Barrels are of course chopper lump joined and come in all calibres and choke sizes. While English stock is common, Senator can also be made with a German variant. The buyer can decide on the type and level of engraving. Owners initials can also be engraved on the trigger guard. Finest hand chequering is always present in the fine walnut stocks of Senator class “Fausti” rifles.


Incredibly Attractive

Dea British SL model is using the Anson-Deeley system. That means their striking mechanism is inside the action. Barrels are joined with the mono block procedure, a reliable and cheap method of making double-barrelled shotguns. However, the price is brought right back up thanks to the so called round body – completely rounded action. This required a completely new design of the firing mechanism because it had to be placed in much smaller space. Rifles from this set look incredibly slender and attractive.

Special mention goes to Theme 6 of this series, which harkens back to the 14th and 15th centuries, when wealthy Italian noblemen ordered rifles with engraved images of their fiancées or wives. This theme can have an engraving of a female face on its action.

theme 6

It is almost impossible to consider Fausti rifles anything other than pure luxury items, they are gorgeous, exquisite works of art done in old European style. Their performance leaves nothing to be desired, but these weapons are made to be status symbols and they definitely fulfil that purpose.

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February 10, 2015
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