Museum to Return Wwii Guns to Owners Following New Legislation
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Museum To Return WWII Guns To Owners Following New Legislation

In November, Washington state voters passed legislation regarding background checks for firearm purchases, including online sales or gun shows, as well as transfers or loans. This affected, among others, the Lynden Pioneer Museum which had to return 11 guns from WWII they currently have in the exhibit. The exhibit is named “Over the Beach: The WWII Pacific Theater” and it relied heavily on people borrowing their old guns.

The law allows some exemptions, concerning family members and antiques, however, the current exhibit at the Lynden Pioneer Museum, including vintage military equipment from the war, falls in neither of those two categories.

Museum statement said that they “will be returning these guns to their owners because as of Dec. 4, we would be in violation of the law if we had loaned firearms that had not undergone the background check procedure”.

The office of Washington Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, issued a statement stating that there was no opinion request for guidance, nor have there been lawsuits against background check.

“At this point we have no interpretations of the initiative to offer to the public beyond the text of the measure itself,” said Attorney General’s spokeswoman.

The exhibition included, among other guns, an anti-tank rifle and a Japanese flare pistol, which are now being returned to their owners.

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December 4, 2014
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