Majority of Virginians support stricter gun laws – NBC poll
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Majority of Virginians support stricter gun laws – NBC poll

As it appears, 55 per cent of Virginians support stricter laws on the sale of firearms, opposed to 36 per cent who want them unchanged.

The result of the new NBC News/Marrist poll is not surprising if we remember that Virginia is one of key swing states — President Obama twice won it by the same margin he won the national popular vote — the percentage is almost identical to the national poll conducted by NBC/WSJ in the April.

Majority of Virginians support stricter gun laws

The poll was conducted April 28-May 2 of 1,218 adults in Virginia, and it has a margin of error of plus-minus 2.8 percentage points.

These numbers, however, are hiding fascinating political, demographic and geographic differences. Eighty-two percent of Democrats in Virginia want stricter gun laws, compared with 56 percent of independents and just 29 percent of Republicans.

A wide gap still exists between gun owners and non-gun owners, as only 30 per cent of gun owners and 38 percent of those living in households with guns favor stricter gun laws.

There is another divide as well: 68 percent of women in the state want stricter gun laws, versus just 41 percent of men who do.

And finally, lets turn to geography. A staggering 70 per cent of residents of Northern Virginia suburbs, just oustide Washington D.C. support stricter gun laws. That’s compared with the Northern Virginian exurbs (49 percent), the central and western part of the state (49 percent), the Richmond area (49 percent), and the Tidewater region (59 percent).

May 11, 2013
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