Bipartisan Gun Control Deal Accomplished
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Bipartisan Gun Control Deal Accomplished

President Barak Obama has been fervently calling for stricter gun control laws for a while now, and has been met with equally loud opposition. While the proposed assault rifles ban doesn’t seem likely to be adopted anytime soon, still some progress has been made when it comes to background checks for potential gun owners. Considering the fact that gun laws have always been one of the most hotly debated issues and one on which the two parties rarely saw eye to eye, it is quite surprising to see them formulate an agreement that, even though imperfect for both sides, manages to usher in some changes.

The new deal focuses on background checks for people who are trying to buy a gun. While up to now only sales made by a licensed dealer required the buyer to go through a background check, if the agreement is made into a law, all gun sales via internet, at gun shows, or in any other way, as long as paid advertising is involved, will only be possible if the prospective buyer agrees to a background check. The deal that is being readied for Congress is a result of a compromise, so while neither of the parties are fully satisfied, and both retain the right to add amendments, it was deemed acceptable by members of both Republican and the Democratic party and manages to follow their platforms up to a point.

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Sen.Pat Toomey and Sen. Joe Manchin
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Naturally, despite the deal, there is still a lot of opposition to this idea, and a group of Republican senators are threatening to filibuster the deal in Congress, which could be prevented by 60 votes in favor of the bill, which seem to be secured already. One of the greatest issues that both advocates and opponents of the bill currently have with it, is that despite revising some of the laws and making it more difficult for criminals to get a hold of a weapon legally, it still holds a number of loopholes which might be easily exploited.

Regardless of its finer points, and whether it will be as easily adopted in the Congress as it might currently seem, the fact that a deal was reached in the first place shows a great improvement in the communication between the parties, as well as a willingness to overcome differences with the goal of making the country safer for all its inhabitants.

April 19, 2013
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