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Obama’s gun laws Archives | S.O.G

Obama’s gun laws

New Gun Laws Discourage Berettas Expansion in Maryland

New Gun Laws Discourage Beretta’s Expansion in Maryland

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed an infamous law earlier this month, outlawing more than 40 different firearms which are considered assault weapons (including the popular AR-15), prohibiting the sale of magazines carrying more than 10 rounds and requiring prospective buyers to undergo fingerprint licensing. One of the most prominent voices against the law was the Beretta USA factory in Acc... »

Tougher Gun Control in New Jersey

Tougher Gun Control in New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie presented gun control and crime prevention measures that are as comprehensive as they are ambitious. He admits that it is impossible to prevent all violence in the society, but it is for government to question, scrutinize and demand more in addressing the problem. The plan includes expanding the state gun control laws and government-funded mental health treatment... »

Bipartisan gun control deal accomplished

Bipartisan Gun Control Deal Accomplished

President Barak Obama has been fervently calling for stricter gun control laws for a while now, and has been met with equally loud opposition. While the proposed assault rifles ban doesn’t seem likely to be adopted anytime soon, still some progress has been made when it comes to background checks for potential gun owners. Considering the fact that gun laws have always been one of the most ho... »

Colorado Sheriffs Against Tighter Gun Laws

Colorado Sheriffs Against Tighter Gun Laws

The new Colorado gun legislation has sparked a blaze of discontent as more than a dozen county sheriffs held a rally on Wednesday, speaking out against the latest magazine capacity restrictions, in the eve of President Barack Obama’s visit to Denver, where he advocated tightening the gun laws. The sheriffs in uniform, sixteen of them, some holding the American flag held a news conference at ... »

Obama Gun law

Obama’s Push For Stricter Gun Laws Continues

The initiative to tighten the gun laws has been gaining momentum since the tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary school. The Congress is scheduled to address the bill which would introduce background checks for people trying to purchase fire arms. The proposed bill doesn’t include regulation on assault rifles, but even as such, it is gaining a lot of opposition. One of the arguments against the passing... »