Obama’s Push For Stricter Gun Laws Continues
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Obama’s Push For Stricter Gun Laws Continues

The initiative to tighten the gun laws has been gaining momentum since the tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary school. The Congress is scheduled to address the bill which would introduce background checks for people trying to purchase fire arms. The proposed bill doesn’t include regulation on assault rifles, but even as such, it is gaining a lot of opposition.

One of the arguments against the passing of such a bill that has been gaining in popularity in the last decade, is that people have the right to bear arms so that they are able to protect themselves from the government which might try infringing on their rights otherwise. Opponents of the initiative claim that running background checks might be used by the government to track every weapon and be able to confiscate it whenever they pleased.

People who are for firmer gun laws like to point out that the Second Amendment was written in the conditions that don’t mirror the current situation, and that the bill is not infringement on personal rights, but a way to have better control over who exactly gets to legally purchase a weapon. Naturally, there remains the issue of criminals not going through appropriate channels and the possibility that this legislation will not have much influence on preventing them from obtaining firearms.

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Even though four states have recently adopted stricter gun legislation – New York, Maryland, Colorado, and Connecticut, and that the idea is getting a lot of support in the polls, it seems that tightening the laws on the national level won’t go as smoothly as many would like. A group of Republican senators is threatening that they will filibuster the bill, but they don’t reflect the views of everyone in their party.

There is a chance that this bill might turn into bi-partisan agreement, which would present a great breakthrough in this issue which has long been one of the most hotly debated topics. Obama’s latest speech in Newton Connecticut is a part of the campaign for better gun control and is just one of a number of planned events meant to raise awareness of the necessity of change in current approach to gun control.

Even though the opponents of new legislation are quite vocal, polls seem to indicate that the supporters of stricter laws are far more numerous and that the nation stands quite united on the issue. 

More info at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2012/12/16/president-obamas-enough-is-enough-newtown-speech/

April 17, 2013
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