Gun manufacturers leaving Connecticut
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Gun manufacturers leaving Connecticut

While this is not isolated to Connecticut, it is the latest state that has seen a number of weapon manufacturing companies considering relocating their operation in the wake of stricter gun laws being introduced.

A number of companies, including Strum Ruger & CO, PTR industries and Stag Arms, are either considering moving their business to other states, or are already in the process of doing so. This has been prompted by the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings and the new gun control laws, which are making thing difficult for those companies.

It is estimated that this industry accounted for somewhere around 7,400 jobs in the state, when you take into account the manufacturers, suppliers and other people closely connected to the business. In other words, gun industry in Connecticut has had an economic impact amounting to $1.7 billion, which is definitely something that will be felt once it’s gone.

Gun manufacturers leaving CT
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It is impossible to predict the exact consequences of this, but the state’s economy is hardly going to improve. The manufacturers themselves are not particularly concerned by this development, as though it might be a pricy inconvenience for them to have to relocate their operations, it is not something that will permanently impact their operation. It seems that it, as things are right now, it might be much more of an inconvenience for them to stay where they are and face not only stricter laws, but customers who are actually threatening to boycott any weapon made in this state.

The owner of Stag Arms, Mark Malkowski, has already mentioned how he has been approached by the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry and asked if he would be interested in moving the operation to Texas. Similar things are happening in Maryland and Colorado with Beretta and Magpul Industries, respectively, who are also finding it hard to deal with new laws in those states. The impact of these relocation is still to be seen.

May 30, 2013
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