Chiappa MC27 9mm

Chiappa MC27 9mm

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This is a new and interesting combat (military-police) pistol. On the US market, it’s currently being sold by the Italian company “Chiappa Firearms”. Model MC27 is made for 9×19 Para caliber, and manufactured in the Turkish gun factory “Girsan Gun Industry”.

Combat Pistol

While the new MC27 copies several systems, it does so in a unique way and has an original design. It has to be considered a brand new weapon. Also, even though it has characteristics of a third-gen combat pistol, it is competitive with most models currently on the market.

MC27 has a slide and a barrel with a short recoil – locked breech operation creating a reliability that is required of service firearms. It also has traditional controls, double stack- high capacity magazines and an aluminum alloy frame. This is a standard combat, military-police pistol (7.28 inches long, with a 3.88 inches long barrel, it is 1.23 inches wide and weighs 2 pounds without a magazine). It uses 9mm Para bullets and steel, double stack magazines that can hold 15 rounds. US gun owners can also expect a version in .40 S&W caliber, that can hold 10+1 bullets.

Model MC27 has a high quality, cold forged barrel with a right twist rate of 1:10 inches (1:250 mm) with six grooves. The barrel has a life expectancy of 40,000 bullets, a pretty significant amount for a critical part of the pistol. The slide is somewhat unusually shaped. has a somewhat unusual shape. It is reminiscent of the SIG-Sauer slides, but with a very narrow line, considering that its guide is on the inside of the frame. It is a no frills piece, slide has no additional elements, only the sights and finger grooves. Finger grooves make cocking of the gun much easier, which is a good thing, because the exposed slide surface is pretty narrow and could otherwise cause marksmen to lose their grip on it.

Chiappa MC27 9mm

Cosmetic Improvements

Its basic features are quite reminiscent of other models based on the CZ M-75 pistol, especially the shape of the frame and controls. Still, the basic appearance of the MC27 harkens to the old M-28 and M-30 models, made by the Spanish factory “Star” (themselves very successful copies of the CZ M-75). Essentially, it is the same configuration. The only thing that makes the MC27 stand from other similar pistols out are very finely checkered grips, which have an identical pattern to those of SIG Sauer. Combining of multiple solutions to create an original look and feel of a firearm is a common feature of Turkish pistols. MC27 is no different, on the whole, it is an original firearm, but every individual piece of it has been seen before. Despite that, it is a high quality firearm made according to NATO standards and has manufacturing quality certificates.

It is the same with controls, all use the M-75 principle, but look like the SIG Sauer version. Trigger guard is squarish and very thick; the trigger itself has a classical curved shape, and uses a Beretta M-92 FS design.

It has a long hand guard, like the one used for competition models. The handle has an identical shape like the one seen in models made by the company “Star”. The handle is covered in thin chequered plastic, allowing for more secure grip when firing and aiming. The main disadvantage of this gun are somewhat outdated magazines; while they are reliable, their capacity is on the low side, they hold 15 rounds instead of more common 17 or 18 in the fourth generation firearms.

Chiappa MC27 9mm

Very Reliable

The final verdict is that this is a very high quality handgun. Finishing touches are excellent if not particularly fancy and all moving parts fit in almost perfectly. The gun operates smoothly and efficiently. It is evident that the Turkish gun industry still has room for improvement, but they’re on the right track.

The sights are in line with the gun quality. They most resemble the stock sights used on P-226. In the front, there is a low and wide notch, while in the back there is a low sight with a rectangular hole and two white dots, in the Novak style, with a slanted front side. Of course the sights system is well made and allows quick aiming. With stock settings, without any adjustments, this gun shows excellent accuracy. At a distance of 25 yards, its shot groupings range from 1.75 to 2.75 inches.

All in all, MC27 looks very neat and efficient, if perhaps, a bit archaic. The secret of this, and many other Turkish models is the careful study of the weak points of all systems they copy and a careful selection of the best solutions on the market. They use all their research to create a completely new pistol.

The new Chiappa MC27 will be very attractive to people who are looking for a reliable, powerful, middle-of-the-road weapon and don’t care about its brand.

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September 19, 2014


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