AK-47s Flying Off Shelves Following Sanctions Announcement
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AK-47s Flying Off Shelves Following Sanctions Announcement

The fashionably named  Cold War II speculations are pretty much all the rage in discussion on politics these days, however, there is one piece of Russian gun-tech that seems to spark the curiosity of Americans even more than usual. It is the world-famous gas-operated 7.62 caliber assault rifle AK-47.

The said gun has recently been put on the US government blacklist, along with some banks, energy companies and some other weapon makers. This has reportedly started an unprecented hunger for the said firearm, with gun sellers claiming they’ve almost sold out their stocks.

The decision regarding the sanctions does not affect the sales of AK-47s already in the US and paid for, so any company not in debt to Kalashnikov Concern can keep selling the guns as usual, however, any imports from Russia are definitely on hold, which, in turn, has caused the said sales peak.

This lead to some distributors, such as Atlantic Firearms to put on the following warnings on their website: “Due to recent import restrictions, we have had a run on our supply of Russian manufactured firearms. We are currently SOLD OUT of the Russian AK47 CAK-132 Wood as of 7/17/14. We are working with our importer to try and acquire what we can but are expecting price increases.”

We have 15 employees here, and yesterday we started at 7:30 in the morning and didn’t leave until eight at night,” said the President of Atlantic Firearms, Blaine Bunting, to Huffington Post. Reportedly, they sold most of their stock of over 400 AK-47s, prompting the above warning on their website.

Similar stories of depleted stock are coming from Oklahoma and North Carolina, and in Idaho the whole inventory of Armageddon Armory gun shop’s stock 60 Saiga semi-automatics, also made by Kalashnikov were bought following the announcement.

AK-47s Flying Off Shelves Following Sanctions Announcement

Kalashnikov Concern conveniently talks of the sanctions hurting the US market more than them.

“The products of Kalashnikov enjoy great demand in the United States. Preorders on civilian products are three times the annual volume of deliveries. Thus, the sanctions taken against Kalashnikov go against the interests of American consumers.”

RWC Group LLC, the only company that exports Kalashnikov Concern firearms to the US refrained from commenting on the sanctions at this time.

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July 28, 2014
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