Washington State Gun Owners Plan to Stage a Civil Disobedience Protest over I 594
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Washington State Gun Owners Plan To Stage A Civil Disobedience Protest Over I-594

Both New York and Connecticut passed gun control laws of questionable constitutional provenance – according to some interpretations, thousands of people owning AR-15 will be in violation of the law for not registering their guns. Now, gun owners from Washington state plan to engage in some large scale civil disobedience. Some 5,500 people plan to deliberately violate Washington’s new gun control law, the I-594, at a rally on December 13th in Olympia. The law goes into effect after tge Secretary of State certifies the results, on December 4th.

Washington gun owners are incensed that a handful of billionaires managed to effectively “buy” a law. After unsuccessful attempts to get it passed as law, gun control advocates pushed it through as an initiative, with generous aid of their billionaire supporters. They spent a total of $10 million creating and running adds supporting their agenda, almost ten times as much as the opposition.

The message of the gun owners is clear, it is even on a Facebook page “I-594 I Will Not Comply”. Washington gun owners plan to meet at a rally at the capitol, openly exchange guns, and violate the I-594 in every possible way, thereby unveiling the legislation as unworkable.

Under I-594, simple transfer of guns could be considered a felony, including loaning a gun to a family member or a friend on a shooting range . Over 2 million people own guns in the Washington state, and they could all become felons for doing something that was once a common activity. The law itself does not stop there, there are other vague and badly worded provisions that are too numerous to list here.

The police will be in a pickle if this rally goes as planned. There will be 5,500 people openly committing felonies by transferring guns to each other Arresting them all would be impossible, especially since most regular policemen oppose the I-594. Even one of the recent candidates for Yakima County Sheriff is helping set up the rally.

This rally aims to point out just how ridiculous, and unenforceable this law is, both for the gun owners and LEOs. The protest against I-594, unlike some prior civil disobedience, will be non-violent. Last month, there was another rally opposing the I-594 in down-town Seattle. While most protesters came armed, the law enforcement presence consisted of a lone unarmed Washington Park Ranger. This shows that law enforcement officers trust gun owners, because they have proven time and again to be some of the most law-abiding citizens in the country. It is unsettling that they became so distressed to be provoked to felony civil disobedience.

Gun control supporters have scented blood in the water though and are now moving on to pass even more laws infringing on the second amendment, banning assault weapons and requiring trigger locks are just some of their goals. Other states, like Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Maine, should be prepared for another initiative like the I-594.

Fortunately there are those willing to fight this unconstitutional legislation. Washington’s Second Amendment Foundation intents to file a lawsuit challenging the I-595, they will likely be joined by the NRA on a larger scale.

According to the Gallup’s latest poll, a majority of Americans – almost two thirds – are of the opinion that having a gun in the home will make it safer. The society needs to stop wrongfully association firearms with criminals, and recognize the need that law-abiding citizens might want to own a gun to fend of criminals. As it stands, the toxic anti-gun culture is what allows wrong-minded legislation like I-594 to continue to strip away our constitutional rights to defend ourselves.

Well, no, this is explicitly allowed in the initiative.

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