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Titan 16 – Roessler

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Repeating rifles are without doubt the most common type of hunting rifle among hunters worldwide. Although turn-bolt action rifles are by far most popular, recent rapid development of straight pull rifles may lead to increasing their use. Companies that made very good turn-bolt action or semiautomatic models now offer new straight pull carbines. Austrian company “Roessler Waffen Gmbh” from Kaufstein, famous for their Titan 3 and Titan 6 turn-bolt carbines.

Brand New Carbine

Next Titan Roessler direct action carbine – Titan 16 – was presented for the first time at the 2013 IWA fair. This new rifle follows the naming trend of its predecessors, the number next to “Titan” refers to the number of bolt lugs that lock into the barrel. So, Titan 3 has three bolt lugs, in one row at 120° angles. Larger, Titan 6 has six bolt lugs, three in each of two rows. Titan 16’s cylinder breech block is arranged in star pattern, two rows of eight bolt lugs, hence the name – Titan 16.



All sixteen bolt lugs are rotation locked directly into the part of the barrel located in front of the cartridge chamber. By pulling the lever straight, the rotating head in the barrel rotates, only when the barrel unlocks can the bolt be pulled back. In reverse, when the bolt is pushed forward, heads of all sixteen bolt lugs lock into the end of a barrel, the bullet enters the chamber, firing mechanism is cocked and the rifle is ready to fire. The bolt handle has a complex ergonomic lever. When you pull it back, there is a short movement until the system unlocks, and then the bolt easily slides back. Large ball at the end of the lever allows for an easy grip in all situations.

Silent and Easy Bolt Locking Mechanism

The entire cocking procedure is incredibly smooth and comfortable with only minor pressure of the lever, and if manufacturer is to be believed (and honestly, there is little reason to doubt them) it will remain so even after hundreds of rounds fired.

Roessler Titan 16

Titan 16 can use an incredible variety of calibers, from small .243 Win to the exotic new .375 Ruger, it includes pretty much all medium and magnum calibers. Barrel length options range from 22 inches (56 cm) to 25.6 inches (65 cm) – with variants in between – and two bore diameters: 0.59” (15 mm) and 0.748” (19 mm). The rifle itself weighs between 6.4 and 6.8 pounds (2.9 – 3.1 kg) depending on the barrel. The light weight was achieved using duralumin hull and receiver and polymer trigger guard and magazine slot.

The barrel can come without sights or with one of two variants – standard anodized iron sights or fiber optic. Front iron sight is easily adjustable. The rifle, of course, allows mounting of various optic sights, including Picatinny rail.

Easy Barrel Swapping

The most important aspect of the Titan 6 models, aside from accuracy, was easy swapping of barrels and calibers. Titan 16 continues this trend. Allen wrench you need to remove and install a barrel comes with the rifle. There is a nice video with the entire procedure here (watch the whole thing to see Titan 16 in action).

A New Standard

The manufacturer guarantees accuracy of five bullets 0.5 MOA. Considering the accuracy of Titan 6, it is a claim that is not difficult to believe.

Easy changing of barrels and calibers allows hunters and competition shooters to keep one stock and one trigger, keeping the familiar “feel” and maintaining their accuracy, not to mention saving space because you no longer need half dozen full rifles (I prefer having a bunch of them in my collection but that might just be me).

Titan 16

Titan 16 uses a single line metal magazines that hold three or four bullets (plus one in the barrel). Simultaneous pressure on two textured buttons releases the magazine into the shooter’s palm, allowing for rapid magazine change. Smaller magazine fits into the rifle hull, while the larger one sticks out a little from below. Both have rough, textured bottoms. Stock neck has holds a safety lever, red dot indicates that weapon is unlocked and can be fired. There is also an optional three position variant of the safety mechanism, the middle position you to safely manipulate the bolt while firing mechanism is locked.

Rapid Firing Masterpiece

Titan 16 also has an optional set trigger that is activated by pushing the trigger forward. This allows for very rapid fire when you need to zero in on that fast moving game.

This carbine has a standard walnut stock with alternative Mannlicher full length stock. Wood is of good quality with finely checkered grip areas. Prices range from 1,999 $ to 2,199 $ (1,364 to 1,574 € for our European readers). There are four quality variants of the stock: standard, luxury, exclusive and all-round. This is probably one of the best priced direct action carbine on the market that allows for quick and easy barrel and caliber switching.

October 13, 2013
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