A5 Spry Tekto Knives Tekto A5 Spry the Tactical Otf Knife That Means Business

Tekto A5 Spry: The Tactical OTF Knife That Means Business


Tekto Knives, a well-known American company known for creating outstanding automatic knives, has recently introduced their latest work of art – the A5 Spry. This stylish, dominant out-the-front (OTF) knife is made for people who want the finest of tactical wear. With its premium materials, advanced features, and flawless execution, the A5 Spry is a cut above the rest.

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Tekto A5 Spry the Tactical Otf Knife That Means Business

The first thing you notice when unboxing the A5 Spry is the ultra-premium fit and finish. As one reviewer noted, “What a knife, just wow. The SPRY is extremely light when compared to the other automatic knives I own and is quite compact.” The black aluminum handle features an ergonomic contoured design with rugged texturing for an ironclad grip in any situation. This attention to detail is classic Tekto.

Design and Materials

The A5 Spry boasts a meticulously engineered design that prioritizes both form and function.

But of course, it’s all about that blade. Tekto armed the A5 Spry with high-end S35VN steel, renowned for its exceptional toughness, superior edge retention, and excellent corrosion resistance. You have your choice of four tactical blade styles – Dagger, Serrated Dagger, Drop Point, or Tanto.
No matter your mission, the A5 Spry is up to the task.

A5 Spry Tekto Bach Handle Tekto A5 Spry the Tactical Otf Knife That Means Business

Key features include:

  • Precision-contoured 6061-T6 aluminum handle with rugged texturing for superior grip
  • High-end CPM-S35VN steel blade, renowned for its exceptional toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance
  • Newly designed contoured push button for lightning-fast, seamless blade deployment
  • Versatile blade style options: Dagger, Serrated Dagger, Drop Point, or Tanto

Tekto’s attention to detail shines through in every aspect of the A5 Spry’s construction. As showcased in their official walkthrough video, this automatic knife is built to perform in the most demanding situations.

Performance and Functionality

When it comes to tactical knives, performance is paramount. The A5 Spry delivers on all fronts:

  • Lightning-fast automatic blade deployment via the contoured push button
  • Razor-sharp CPM-S35VN blade effortlessly slices through various materials
  • Ergonomic handle design ensures comfort and control during extended use
  • Ambidextrous pocket clip and glass breaker pommel enhance versatility

Tekto A5 Spry the Tactical Otf Knife That Means Business

When using the advanced contoured push button in Tekto’s official video, deploying the wicked-sharp blade is quick and convenient. According to the video, “This advanced feature guarantees an instant, seamless approach to the critical situation, establishing a new benchmark for tactical superiority.” An independent reviewer states, “The opening mechanism is prompt and tight. The contours of the button are trigger-friendly, and there’s a grilled backing to keep anyone’s finger safe.”

Beyond opening action, the A5 Spry is designed as a hard-use tactical tool. The handle houses a glass breaker pommel for emergency situations. A deep-carry pocket clip keeps this auto-deploying knife discreetly ready at all times. Every detail is purposeful, creating a cohesive OTF platform you can depend on.

Whether you’re a first responder, military personnel, or an outdoors enthusiast, the A5 Spry is a reliable companion that won’t let you down when it matters most.


Blade MaterialCPM-S35VN
Blade Hardness60-62 HRC
Blade Length3.50″ (89mm)
Handle Material6061-T6 Aluminum
Open Length8.60″ (219mm)
Weight3.49oz (98g)

For more detailed specifications and purchasing options, visit the official A5 Spry product page.

Customer Reviews and Reception

Ever since it came out, the A5 Spry has earned the praise of blade lovers and tactical gear fans alike. People can’t stop going on about the amazing build quality, super-sharp edge, and blink-quick deployment. Based on 115 reviews, it averages 4.8 out of 5 stars, so it’s clear they’re doing something right at Tekto Headquarters.

One reviewer summed up the A5 Spry experience perfectly: “Long story short, this is one tactical knife that isn’t going to let you down.”

We couldn’t agree more. Tekto has achieved something special with this OTF by blending all the must-have features into a sleek, highly pocketable design. The A5 Spry is a serious tool for users who demand the best.


In a market filled with tactical knives, the Tekto A5 Spry is unique. Its top-of-the-line design, top-notch materials, and inspired performance make it impossible to miss for the committed. If you are a professional seeking a trusty tool or an expert wanting the best automatic knife, then A5 Spry is the best answer.

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