Taurus 605 Revolver

Taurus 605 Revolver

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This Brazilian five round small caliber revolver, offers much more than it can be expected at first glance. Its simple construction belies its effectiveness. Add to that the fact it can be acquired for half the price of the competition, and you get one of a kind package that would be a shame to miss.

As far as several decades ago, when the short barreled revolver market was dominated by the Smith & Wesson 36 this small Porto Allegro factory managed to make a worthy rival. An almost identical copy, Model 85 that, due to its much lower price and more comfortable grip became a user favorite; despite somewhat poorer firing system.

High Caliber Rides Again

Due to numerous technological advances in the previous years, revolvers have somewhat fallen out of favor  Partly due to the, never actually confirmed, claim that .38 Special is too weak to be a valid self-defense weapon. Even manufacturers focused on pocket revolvers refocused and reworked their weapons to .357 Magnum caliber  This resulted in a plethora of small, very light revolvers (often made from ultra-light materials) with short barrels; the end products had a monstrous recoil, more than enough to surprise the untrained user.

Tarurus 605 revolver 357 cal

The Five Bullet Solution

To solve that problem, somewhat longer barreled  steel frame weapons were made. With optimum models being five bullet models with 3 inch barrels Ruger SP101, Smith & Wesson Model 60 and Taurus 605. Although they are nominally .357 Magnum weapons, users much rather fire .38s that, with new bullet design technologies, offer more than enough accuracy and stopping power, especially in +P variant.

Compared to two inches who came before and .38 Spl LRN ammunition, these stronger revolvers are better in every way. Brazilian Taurus M605, despite being cheapest is an exemplary weapon. Even though it has a somewhat longer barrel fitted onto the smallest frame it does not look disproportionate. 680 g is more than enough for controlled firing of .38 special ammunition, even the +P variant. Well-made grip ensures the firm hold on the weapon even when firing one handed in DA mode.

Taurus 605

Right Choice for Everyone

When choosing a revolver, it is important to take its reliability into account, how does it handle on the range with two handed grip in SA mode is not a reliable indicator of how it will handle in conditions of poor visibility, when you’re crouching behind cover or firing it one handed – in your off hand.

This is why Taurus 605 is so ideal, it can easily be used by people with small hands and it is enough to draw it from the holster or the pocket, aim and fire. It can also serve as a backup weapon for servicemen or bodyguards and is perfect for concealed carrying, assuming it is legal. Despite the fact it is a small “pocket” revolver, Taurus 605 is not limited to being a short range, defensive weapon. Even though it has fixed sights and its trigger is somewhat harder than S&W, this compact revolver can show exemplary accuracy in SA firing mode. Tests with .38 Special ammunition have confirmed it with 158 grain SJFP and SJHP as well as 148 grain WC bullets. While it is capable of firing .357 Magnum bullets, it is more advisable to stick with softer rounds, both because of the lighter recoil and the fact you may damage the barrel by firing heavier rounds.

taurus security system

Bargain Buy with Excellent Performance

On the firing range, this revolver offers excellent performance at ranges of up to 30 meters and easily beats the competition in accuracy and sheer comfort; good shooters may even score comparable results to that of its long barreled cousins. If you are a competitor, there are much better revolvers out there, the ones you can more comfortably use to fire larger ammunition, with adjustable sights and so on… Taurus 605 however is the reigning champion of its category and only  at half the price.
Images with courtesy of thefiringline.com and taurususa.com

February 2, 2013
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