Tekto Knives

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Tekto Knives, established in 2016, is a brand that arose from the discontent of a select group of outdoor enthusiasts. This group found itself in a most bothersome and perilous situation, deep in the woods of northeastern Maine. They had trusted the famous names and brands, the supposed “best of the best,” to which they had paid top dollar, only to find their knives failing when they needed them most.

Yet, what could be done in the face of this absurdity, this mad non-sense whereby reputed and long-established knife brands proved themselves all too feeble and all too fickle under hard use?

It was then and there—deep in those woods of the Maine North Woods—that the Tekto Knives founders resolved to do something about it. They resolved to create a brand for those who could demand the performance that a knife is supposed to deliver—solidly, dependably, and capably—under any conditions.

Creating and inventing new OTF things

Tekto Knives stands out as a knife-making company because it takes a singular approach. The direct feedback it receives from end-users is important, and it ensures that, at the very least, the company knows its limitations in being able to bring knives that rely on real-world experiences to the market. But what’s most important about the customer-centric development process that Tekto Knives has is that it allows the company to be a lot more nimble and act a lot faster than companies that use a more “traditional” strategy for bringing products to the marketplace.

Ensuring high-quality OTF knife work and engaging with the community

Tekto Knives’ revolutionary designs are not the only thing that makes them special. They are also committed to making their customers satisfied and have given me zero reasons to think otherwise. Put simply, they vow that every knife they produce is covered by their limited warranty against any defects or damage that may occur as a result of their materials or their workmanship.

This warranty, in my opinion, is just the company’s way of holding themselves to a higher standard, because they have never given me a reason not to trust their products. And while it’s nice to know I can fall back on the warranty if anything goes south, Tekto wants to know why I would ever need to in the first place. That’s why they make a point of engaging with their customers through a variety of digital platforms.

The knife-knowledgeable representatives from the company who interact with us on those platforms are the sons and daughters of our friends and neighbors, and they are hot on the trail of any particular design problem or disappointment we may have with our knives. The one thing that has consistently emerged from my interactions with this company is that they genuinely care about their reputation as a brand that listens. After all, why else would they bother with a warranty if they weren’t convinced the products they’re shipping out are, for the most part, good ones?

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