Taurus PT24/7G2: A High Class Bull

Taurus PT24/7G2: A High Class Bull

[schema type=”product” url=”https://stateofguns.com/taurus-pt24-7g2-a-high-class-bull/” name=”Taurus PT24/7G2″ manfu=”Taurus” model=”PT24/7G2″ ] Everything you may expect from a gun named Taurus was shown at the shooting alley. The pistol operates smoothly and as soon as you load it, you are assured that you are holding a reliable sidearm... »

taurus 605 revolver

Taurus 605 Revolver

[schema type=”product” url=”https://stateofguns.com/taurus-605-revolver/” name=”Taurus 605″ manfu=”Taurus” model=”605″ ] This Brazilian five round small caliber revolver, offers much more than it can be expected at first glance. Its simple construction belies its effectiveness. Add to that the fact it can be acquired for half the price of... »