SIG P-320: Why Are You Wearing That Glock Suit?

SIG P-320: Why Are You Wearing That Glock Suit?

For some time now, classic high-capacity service pistols with DA/SA operation (like SIG P-series) are being replaced by new designs with polymer frames and hidden hammers. In the 80s Glock was the first model to start this silent revolution. Since then, a Swiss giant SIG tried to breach into this part of the market twice. The first time it was some 20 years ago with its SIG Pro model, which is sti... »


SIG MPX: The Claimant

The king The importance of submachine guns in modern warfare is not likely to diminish anytime soon, although almost every assault rifle in the world is followed by its carbine version. Submachine guns are simple and inexpensive weapons, with straightforward manufacturing process, and there are countless different designs, as almost every country has developed at least one domestic model. However,... »