OTF knife

An “Out The Front” knife (also known as an OTF knife) is a specific type of pocketknife. Its defining feature is the way the blade deploys and retracts. With a traditional pocketknife, a user typically opens and closes the blade by folding it into the handle or pulling it out of it. By contrast, the “Out The Front” knife operates a different way. Its blade, when it is in its closed position, is housed in a slot that is fixed at the front end of the knife’s handle. The blade is “out the front” of that handle when a user uses a thumb, say, to push the blade out.

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Out The Front Knives

Two primary kinds of OTF knives exist. Single-action OTF knives utilize a spring to open up the blade, and the user has to manually slide the blade back into the knife’s handle. Double-action OTF knives open and close using the same switch; they can open and retract the blade with the press of a button. When the blade is fully extended, the interior mechanism locks the blade into the open position. The blade will not close unless the user presses the retraction button. The retraction mechanism stores energy for the quick return of the blade into the handle when the user wants to close the knife. The system of springs, tracks, and locking features inside the handle ensures the safety of the user during the opening and closing of the knife.

One can safely say that OTF knives are truly masterpieces of mechanical craftsmanship, inside and out.

Tekto Skar: The Most Badass OTF Knife Out There

Tekto Skar: The Most Badass OTF Knife Out There

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