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High School Shooting In Oregon

A recent shooting at a high school near Portland, Oregon, took the toll of one child, a 14-year-old, and many were hurt and scared. Student Jaimie Infante told CNN that at first she wasn’t aware that it was shooting she heard, and only after the assistant principal told students to go into lockdown mode did they realize it was really happening. As the sources told CNN, the shooter appears to... »

Obama Fights the Filibuster

Obama Fights the Filibuster

President Barak Obama’s campaigning for the federal government to adopt stricter gun laws is meeting some resistance from a group of Republican Senators who are trying to do something that might make it much more difficult to introduce a new gun law. Namely, Republican Senator from Utah, Mike Lee, along with Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul are trying to make it necessar... »