A new law in Missouri First graders can take NRA sponsored gun classes

A new gun law in Missouri – NRA sponsored gun classes for kids

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed the public safety bill which might see NRA sponsor a gun class for first graders. The course, called the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program, is teaching children about gun safety with the help of a cartoon character named Eddie Eagle. Some research studies have shown the ability of children to “memorize Eddie’s simple advice”, however, the memorized in... »

Missouri Nullification Bill

Missouri Nullification Bill

On April 18, the Missouri House of Representatives passed a nullification bill that prohibits the enforcement of federal gun grabs within the sovereign borders of the state. Voting 115-41, Missouri lawmakers approved the bill named Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB 436). State Senate is working on a nearly identical bill, sponsored by state Senator Brian Nieves. HB 436, was approved by the ent... »