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Tougher Gun Control in New Jersey

Tougher Gun Control in New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie presented gun control and crime prevention measures that are as comprehensive as they are ambitious. He admits that it is impossible to prevent all violence in the society, but it is for government to question, scrutinize and demand more in addressing the problem. The plan includes expanding the state gun control laws and government-funded mental health treatment... »

Gun Control Bills Failed

Gun Control Bills Failed, Now What?

OK, so gun control bills failed, now what? After President’s attempt at gun control reform failed in the U.S. senate, president Obama and his allies in congress found their hopes dashed by last Wednesday’s decision in Washington. Now the questions arises, just how do they intend to do that? After the tragedy in Newton and collective emotional surge failed to carry them through to what can they hop... »

Senate Defeats Expanded Gun Background Checks

Senate Defeats Expanded Gun Background Checks

The supporters of tougher gun laws suffered a heavy blow on Wednesday, as the U.S. Senate rejected a compromise plan which would expand beckgorund checks on firearms sales, in addition to banning some semi-automatic weapons based on military assault weapons. Despite the staunch push by President Barack Obama and Democrats, their stalwart opposition embodied in the ever-powerful National Rifle Asso... »

3D Printing & Gun Control

3D Printing and Gun Control

Gun control and second amendment debate is threatening to cause more and more problems to our country’s legislators with 3D printing technology, specifically printed firearms taking center stage. The raging gun control debate is primarily focused on what type of guns people should be able to legally own, and how strict the procedure for getting them should be. 3D printing technology threatens to t... »

Bipartisan gun control deal accomplished

Bipartisan Gun Control Deal Accomplished

President Barak Obama has been fervently calling for stricter gun control laws for a while now, and has been met with equally loud opposition. While the proposed assault rifles ban doesn’t seem likely to be adopted anytime soon, still some progress has been made when it comes to background checks for potential gun owners. Considering the fact that gun laws have always been one of the most ho... »

Out-of-state Hunters Boycott Colorado

Out-of-state Hunters Boycott Colorado

The hunters from other states are boycotting Colorado because of a pending law, which would prohibit ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. Stretching over the Rockies, Colorado has always been popular among the hunters. Moreover, it is the home of the largest herds of elk throughout the states. However the recent events may bring a heavy blow to the state’s major tourism indust... »

Obama Gun law

Obama’s Push For Stricter Gun Laws Continues

The initiative to tighten the gun laws has been gaining momentum since the tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary school. The Congress is scheduled to address the bill which would introduce background checks for people trying to purchase fire arms. The proposed bill doesn’t include regulation on assault rifles, but even as such, it is gaining a lot of opposition. One of the arguments against the passing... »

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