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California Passes Ammo Permit Fee

Gun Laws – California Passes Ammo Permit Fee

It seems that California wants to prove that it doesn’t look to kindly on the Second Amendment. A $50 ammo permit fee has just been passed by the state legislators, together with the background check law. The citizens of California will now have to consider getting this fee if they want to defend themselves. Considering that the Department of Homeland Security bought 1.6 billion rounds, ammo... »

Cartridge ID law in California

Gun Control – Cartridge ID law in California

A highly controversial gun control law that was passed in 2007 is about to take effect, as California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris said on Friday. Generally speaking, it is a requirement that every new semiautomatic handgun contain “micro-stamping” technology that would allow police to trace a weapon from cartridges found at a crime scene. When  former Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneg... »