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High School Shooting In Oregon

A recent shooting at a high school near Portland, Oregon, took the toll of one child, a 14-year-old, and many were hurt and scared. Student Jaimie Infante told CNN that at first she wasn’t aware that it was shooting she heard, and only after the assistant principal told students to go into lockdown mode did they realize it was really happening. As the sources told CNN, the shooter appears to... »

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Restaurant with no guns allowed signs robbed at gunpoint

An ironic crime has struck a North Carolina restaurant in Durham. The proprietor, Greg Hatem, hung a sign regarding the no weapons/no concealed firearms policy that they joined in alongside many other restaurants in the USA. And then – it was robbed at gunpoint. Police are searching for three masked men who endered the restaurant through the back door, forced the employees to lie down. Two were ev... »

Get your drone hunting licenses in Deer Trail, Colorado

Get your drone hunting licenses in Deer Trail, Colorado

If you thought you had an opinion that drones are only used in lands “far, far away” you might want to reconsider. They might actually be buzzing somewhere above your heads and some people have decided to take a stand on the matter. In Deer Trail, Colorado, the town board is voting whether to establish bounties for taking down drones/unmanned aerial vehicles. Phillip Steel, one of the ... »

A new law in Missouri First graders can take NRA sponsored gun classes

A new gun law in Missouri – NRA sponsored gun classes for kids

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed the public safety bill which might see NRA sponsor a gun class for first graders. The course, called the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program, is teaching children about gun safety with the help of a cartoon character named Eddie Eagle. Some research studies have shown the ability of children to “memorize Eddie’s simple advice”, however, the memorized in... »

California Passes Ammo Permit Fee

Gun Laws – California Passes Ammo Permit Fee

It seems that California wants to prove that it doesn’t look to kindly on the Second Amendment. A $50 ammo permit fee has just been passed by the state legislators, together with the background check law. The citizens of California will now have to consider getting this fee if they want to defend themselves. Considering that the Department of Homeland Security bought 1.6 billion rounds, ammo... »

School Holds Toy Firearms Buyback

School Holds Toy Firearms Buyback

HAYWARD — An elementary school will has held a toy gun exchange this Saturday, they offered students a book and a chance to win a bicycle for turning in their toy weapons. Principal of Strobridge Elementary, Charles Hill insists that children playing with toy guns are more prone to not taking real firearms seriously. He said, “Playing with toys guns, saying ‘I’m going to sh... »

New Gun Laws Discourage Berettas Expansion in Maryland

New Gun Laws Discourage Beretta’s Expansion in Maryland

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed an infamous law earlier this month, outlawing more than 40 different firearms which are considered assault weapons (including the popular AR-15), prohibiting the sale of magazines carrying more than 10 rounds and requiring prospective buyers to undergo fingerprint licensing. One of the most prominent voices against the law was the Beretta USA factory in Acc... »

The Newest Poll: Congress unlikely to Pass Gun Laws

The Newest Poll: Congress unlikely to Pass Gun Laws

A new Pew Research Center poll has shown that almost 75 per cent of Americans believe Congress should pass a  revised Senate bill to expand background checks on gun buyers. Despite their enthusiasm, nearly 60 per cent of the US residents say they doubt that Congress will pass any significant gun laws this year – which was the actual goal of President Obama following the mass shooting at Sand... »


Inteliscope – Developing shooter’s firearm mount and Apple app

SANDPOINT, ID-May 14, 2013–Newly formed company “Inteliscope,” has announced the launch of the Inteliscope mount for firearm and Apple device app. Did you ever want a high tech scope that would display all kinds of data? From wind strength and direction, to GPS; with different types of crosshairs, 5x digital zoom, a flashlight and a strobe? That you can use to record and playback videos? You... »

Ammunition shortage reaches all time high

Ammunition Shortage Reaches All Time High

After the massacre in the Newton Elementary school, firearm owners, already anxious that President Obama would tighten up the gun control legislations have gone into shopping overdrive. Large government purchases, and a plan by the DHS to purchase over a billion rounds have added fuel to the fire. Increased demand for guns and ammunition has cleaned out stores across the country. Concerned gun own... »

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