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Green light for open-carry in Mississippi

Green light for open-carry in Mississippi

Mississippi’s open-carry gun law will finally take effect after being kept on hold for about two months. “This court now finds that the circuit judge erred as a matter of law when he found House Bill 2 to be vague and, therefore, unconstitutional. He also erred when he stated that a ‘reasonable person reading the bill could not discern what the law allows and what it prohibits,’” ruled Justi... »

Cartridge ID law in California

Gun Control – Cartridge ID law in California

A highly controversial gun control law that was passed in 2007 is about to take effect, as California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris said on Friday. Generally speaking, it is a requirement that every new semiautomatic handgun contain “micro-stamping” technology that would allow police to trace a weapon from cartridges found at a crime scene. When  former Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneg... »

3D Printing & Gun Control

3D Printing and Gun Control

Gun control and second amendment debate is threatening to cause more and more problems to our country’s legislators with 3D printing technology, specifically printed firearms taking center stage. The raging gun control debate is primarily focused on what type of guns people should be able to legally own, and how strict the procedure for getting them should be. 3D printing technology threatens to t... »