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3d printed guns

3D Printed Guns Today

Last year has brought a fundamental change in accessibility of firearms. Instead of walking into a gun store and buying a weapon, you can download detailed schematics and use a 3D printer to assemble it. All you need is some time to figure out which printer to buy and which schematic to use. Naysayers have pronounced 3D printed guns dead on arrival, that they were too flimsy or unreliable. However... »

3D printers and rifles – more successful than ever?

3D printers and rifles – more successful than ever?

The recent youtube video of a certain Canadian individual who successfully fired 14 shots from a 3D-printed rifle has definitely stirred a lot of minds into a frenzy. The video has since been removed by the creator, however, there are many re-uploads, such as this one:     Early models of this firearm, designed by Cody Wilson, have been known to backfire or fire only once and then breaki... »

3D printed bullet

Easy To Make 3D Printed Bullets

There are many things that can be made with 3D printers and a completely functional gun is one of them. The 3D Printed gun was not so easy to make, but it was quite cheap to produce – $25 was all that was needed. On the other side, a 3D printed bullet is quite easy to make and is even cheaper. This weekend, a man named Jeff Heeszel released a YouTube video of a man firing a shotgun. Nothing ... »

State Department Orders Removal of 3D Gun Plans

State Department Orders Removal of 3d Gun Plans

Defense Distributed announced that they had been forced by the U.S. State Department to remove plans for a 3D-printed firearm from its website. The Twitter account affiliated with this non-profit corporation twitted on Thursday that “#DEFCAD has gone dark at the request of the Department of Defense Trade Controls. Take it up with the Secretary of State”. Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson bel... »

The Liberator - a Printed Plastic Handgun

The Liberator – a 3D Printed Plastic Handgun

Cody Wilson (our hero) seems really determined to stir up the hornet’s nest that is our country’s firearm legislation. The 25-year-old intends to release blueprints for the first entirely 3D-printable handgun called “the Liberator” sometime this week. Forbes was given an exclusive preview of the gun creation process, including 16 pieces of the weapon printed in ABS plastic. The non-pri... »

3D Printing & Gun Control

3D Printing and Gun Control

Gun control and second amendment debate is threatening to cause more and more problems to our country’s legislators with 3D printing technology, specifically printed firearms taking center stage. The raging gun control debate is primarily focused on what type of guns people should be able to legally own, and how strict the procedure for getting them should be. 3D printing technology threatens to t... »