Single Shot Low Caliber Rifles Chiappa and KSA

Single Shot Low Caliber Rifles Chiappa and KSA

The first .22 LR model that we would like to draw attention to is Italian-made Chiappa rifle, known as the Little Badger. It’s a single shot, folding rimfire rifle, which is quite small when folded, making it very easy to carry around in a backpack. This leads us to believe that it is primarily intended for use by campers and people who spend a lot of their time in the great outdoors and need a li... »

Beretta 486 Parallelo

Beretta 692 and 486 Parallelo: High Class at Moderate Price

Last year’s IWA Outdoor Classics Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany was marked by the huge Beretta Group stalls which occupied most of the Hall 4. The biggest and the most splendid one belonged to the leading firm of the Group, of course – the Beretta itself. This firearms giant, founded in the 15th century by the master gunsmith Bartolomeo Beretta, prepared two premieres – two double barrel s... »

Aero SR The Only Survivor

Aero SR: The Only Survivor

A limited number of small arms is designed exclusively for self-defense, sports, and survival. These guns are usually highly specialized and simple carbines which fire pistol rounds. This concept has bred a series of compact, but not necessarily too reliable and accurate carbines, all of which followed one rule – they were lightweight and easy to use. They were made for fast, intuitive operation i... »


Mauser M12 Bolt Rifle

In the first half of the 19th century Franz Andreas Mauser worked as a main gunsmith in the Prussian state arsenal in the city of Oberndorf. His son Peter Paul Mauser was born in 1838, went to military technical school, and joined the military in 1859, in arsenal. Technically gifted, Peter Paul Mauser soon after offers his own patent to the army, a breech loading cannon. The conservatives in the m... »

Bor sniper rifle

Bor Sniper Rifle – The Polish Thunder

Polish arms industry has developed some interesting models during the last decade. This Sniper rifle, made by the Polish corporation “Bumar”, or rather, its subsidiary, Tarnów Mechanical Works. Battlefield Testing Like any country in the Warsaw Block during mid-90s, Poland used the semiautomatic Dragunov as its mainstay sniper rifle. After joining NATO and getting involved in international mission... »

Stevens Model 200

Stevens Model 200 – Savage Arms

Although low priced, with more than basic finish and plastic stock, this is a formidable rifle which offers a platform for a number of modifications combined with match-grade accuracy. Click for pricing info: Savage® Arms Model 220 at Cabelas   The company which makes this rifle is much less known brand than the company which gave birth to it –  “Savage”, the company which in 1920 bought “Stevens”... »

titan 16 roeesler

Titan 16 – Roessler

Repeating rifles are without doubt the most common type of hunting rifle among hunters worldwide. Although turn-bolt action rifles are by far most popular, recent rapid development of straight pull rifles may lead to increasing their use. Companies that made very good turn-bolt action or semiautomatic models now offer new straight pull carbines. Austrian company “Roessler Waffen Gmbh” from Kaufste... »

3D printers and rifles – more successful than ever?

3D printers and rifles – more successful than ever?

The recent youtube video of a certain Canadian individual who successfully fired 14 shots from a 3D-printed rifle has definitely stirred a lot of minds into a frenzy. The video has since been removed by the creator, however, there are many re-uploads, such as this one:     Early models of this firearm, designed by Cody Wilson, have been known to backfire or fire only once and then breaki... »

benelli beccaccia supreme

Benelli Vinci Shotguns

Those of you who are into sport cars as well are probably familiar with the meaning of “concept model”. To cut it short, a concept model is car that looks as if it came from the distant future. They usually make only one or few units, never in large series. Brimming with new solutions and futuristic looks, the sole purpose of concept cars is to show company’s power and intellectu... »


SIG MPX: The Claimant

The king The importance of submachine guns in modern warfare is not likely to diminish anytime soon, although almost every assault rifle in the world is followed by its carbine version. Submachine guns are simple and inexpensive weapons, with straightforward manufacturing process, and there are countless different designs, as almost every country has developed at least one domestic model. However,... »

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