No More Gun-Free Campuses in Florida?
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No More Gun-Free Campuses in Florida?

The current law in Florida forbids students from carrying guns when entering certain venues, most importantly when it comes to universities and colleges. Rep. Greg Steube is aiming to change that with the new HB 4005, which would allow concealed-carry with the proper license.

Steub claims that gun-free campuses actually draw shooters aiming to kill, and that this could be stopped by allowing access to guns for „law abiding citizens“. He goes on to explain: „We’re not really talking about students. We’re talking about folks who have gone through the training, more faculty, staff“.

Unfortunately, the research done concerning the relationship between access to guns on one side and safety on the other does not really match up to what Rep. Steub claims. Harvard Injury Control Research Center connected the presence of more guns to a higher rate of homicides. Another research done by The Journal of American College Health says that there is a higher percentage of gun-threats in schools that allow gun possession. It might sound logical that there is a higher number of altercations in an environment that is known for a pretty “wild” lifestyle that includes a lot of intoxicated people. Given access to guns to people who regularly “party a lot” might not prove to be the best way to reduce gun-related accidents.

This comes in the wake of the last shooting at Florida State Library, which left one student paralyzed. Florida might become the eighth state to allow concealed-carry on campuses, should HB 4005 be enacted.

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January 26, 2015

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