Mother Facing Prosecution For Her Son’s Actions

Mother Facing Prosecution For Her Son’s Actions

Leah Wilcken’s son took a semi-automatic and some ammo from their home and brought to his school, Will Rogers Continuation School in Van Nuys, last May. Now, his mother is facing four counts of misdemeanor.

Los Angeles City Attorney, Mike Feur said that it was disconcerting due to the fact that the boy “allegedly had an altercation with another student just the day before”.

After the detectives came to the family’s house they had to get a search warrant to get inside, and they found five guns, including a S&M .38 five shot (J-Frame) and a .44 Magnum, none of them stored safely as the law requires.

Margo Bennet from Women Against Gun Violence explains why securing guns at home is very important: “Studies show that 68 percent  of school shootings involve a gun brought from the home”.

Mike Feur also mentioned that each of the four above mentioned counts carry a potential one-year sentence, as well as a fine of $1000. Apart from embarking on a campaign involving stronger punishment, he said that his office will work closely with Women Against Gun Violence in order to improve the knowledge of families when it comes to securing weapons.

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