Mossberg 100 Atr Night Train Ii 308 Win Mossberg 100 Atr Night Train Ii 308 Win
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Mossberg 100 ATR Night Train II .308 Win

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Human eye can’t really distinguish colors at night; we can only see darker and lighter shades of gray. So the only thing that we perceive are the contours of what we are observing. This is exactly why we are using camouflage paint – it makes the contours even more blurry and imperceptible. As of late, we can see more and more of digital pixelated camo coloring. This is why the US gun manufacturer Mossberg, primarily known for their shotguns, has been offering their Night Train II in camo colors.

Mossberg 100 Atr Night Train Ii 308 Win Sog Mossberg 100 Atr Night Train Ii 308 Win

This bolt action rifle comes with a 6-24×60 variable scope made by the Californian company Barska equipped with a sunshade. The scope is mounted on a Picatinny rail and fastened with two 30 mm rings. Apart from the scope, the rifle comes with a light Harris bipod 1A2 and a neoprene comb raising kit.

The bolt chamber is fastened by two rods in the stock. The stock is synthetic, and has a pistol grip with fish scale texture, which is meant to ensure that you can keep a firm hold on it, even with sweaty hands. The same texture can be found on the forestock, where you would hold the rifle with your left hand. Trigger guard and sling swivels are made along with the stock, not attached afterwards, which makes them much more reliable and long lasting. There is an additional steel swivel for the bipod on the forstock. The butt of the stock is covered in black, soft rubber, so the recoil is not an issue. Even so, the people from Mossberg decided to equip the rifle’s muzzle with a slightly oversized, screw-on, dual chamber muzzle brake. Its purpose seems to mostly be aesthetical, while the manufacturers possibly meant to imply that the Night Train might be used as a special purpose rifle, i.e. sniper rifle.

The black steel button-rifled barrel is 22 inches long, and cools off nice and fast. The bolt is cylindrical and has a downward bent handle. It looks like a mixture of several US bolt systems. Initially, it looks somewhat like Remington’s series 700. However, when you look at the bolt head, it can also resemble the system on Savage.

The rifle comes with an adjustable trigger, which Mossberg introduced in 2009 as Lightning Bolt Action Trigger System. It is a direct trigger with pressure which can be adjusted anywhere between 900 grams and 3,150 grams. The rifle comes with a trigger pressure of 3,150 g, and if you want to adjust it to your needs, you’ll have to take the whole system out of the stock, as the screw that you need to manipulate is not accessible from the outside. The best thing to do would probably be to take it to a gunsmith, as it can be quite a hassle to do on your own.

Mossberg 100 Atr Night Train Ii Mossberg 100 Atr Night Train Ii 308 Win

Mossberg 100 ATR Night Train II has been tested on the range with varied success. Some swear by it, while others are not too thrilled with the scope, and accuracy in general. The rifle really gets to shine at distances over 300 feet, and when fired with a bipod. The recoil is completely manageable (depends slightly on the ammo you are using, but it never gets too bad), and the rifle performs without hiccups.

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