Maxpedition Knives the Market Sovereign

Maxpedition Knives – The Market Sovereign

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California company Maxpedition headquartered in LA was founded in 2003 by Tim Tang, who left medical school in order to make backpacks, bags and traveling gear that would be both ergonomic and durable. His first customers were soldiers and police officers but as word of the quality of his gear spread, civilians in need of quality traveling gear (athletes and adventurers) started buying Maxpedition products. Now, 12 years later, Maxpedition dominates its section of the market and is famous for making practical, durable and well designed gear for everyday carry.

Simple and quality design

FEROX is a folding knife model that has been developed several years ago. It is a simple and quality folder practical enough for everyday use. The blade is 3.25″ long and has a slight drop-point. It is 0.125″ thick and made of black stainless steel. It comes in both smooth and serrated blade variants.

Maxpedition ferox Maxpedition Knives the Market Sovereign

FEROX, unlike most modern folders has only a short smooth section at the tip, while the rest of the blade is roughly serrated. Locking mechanism is the usual Walker liner-lock with a steel slide. The handle is made from subtly roughened nylon strengthened with glass fibers. A good pocket clip and the weight of 4 oz allow you to carry this knife throughout the day without feeling burdened. It costs mere 30 USD which means pretty much anyone will be able to afford one.

The Winning Team Stays Strong

The new model EXCELSA is made in two sizes but is modeled on design solutions of its predecessors. Blades are 74 and 91 mm long and are made of D-2 stainless steel that is considered semi-stainless. The handle consists of two plates made from a titanium alloy connected by stainless steel tubes. This makes cleaning and maintenance much simpler. Locking mechanism is the Reeve Integral Lock (RIL) aka frame-lock. These two variants are nice looking thin knives weighing 75 and 140 grams. Fit and finish are excellent, blades have curved back concourses and satin smooth surface that gives a nice contrast to the mat gray of the titanium handle. Aesthetically, the only thing that stands out a bit too much is the laser engraved manufacturer logo on the right side of the handle. The handle itself is comfortable with rounded edges and unfolding the blade is made easy due to two buttons on both sides of the knife. However, the position of the clip and the type of the lock favor right-handed users. The knife can be carried in two ways. With the tip pointing upwards or downwards. The price is under 120 USD and when you take into account the quality craftsmanship and the materials used, EXCELSA can be favorably compared with blades that cost twice as much. Maxpedition can easily compete with Spydeco, Benchmade SOG and Zero Tolerance in that market segment.

Excelsa Maxpedition Knives the Market Sovereign

Fixed Blades and Tactical Pens

Maxpedition offers twelve different fixed blade knives, differing in blade shape and length but maintaining their overall design philosophy. All blades use the D-2 steel and have hard chrome coating. Very comfortable handles are ergonomically designed and made from cast nylon. The nylon is coated over full tang with four keys and two holes, ensuring good performance even under extreme stress. One inch long choil fits nicely over your index finger and allows you to perform precision work. Comfortable finger groves make this knife perfectly into the hand and the lanyard hole at the back allows you to secure your knife in uncertain or hazardous situations. Solid and light kydex sheath allow carrying of these knives in various positions and situations. Blades come in three lengths: 4.75, 5.5 and 6.25 inches; and prices vary from 100 to 125 USD. An excellent quality and product range for, realistically low price.

Maxpedition Fixed Maxpedition Knives the Market Sovereign

Maxpedition also manufactures two models of tactical pens that, aside from being perfectly functional solid metal pens, can be used to strike at the opponents sensitive spots. Their ACANTHA model comes in two variants, a black aluminum one and white stainless steel one. Both are 5″ long and weigh 1.1 and 2.5 oz respectively.

Maxpedition acantha Maxpedition Knives the Market Sovereign

All Maxpedition products are well designed and made of quality materials. This combined with their price makes them an excellent choice for pretty much anyone with even a passing interest in outdoors activities.

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