Hunting Rifles


Mauser M12 Bolt Rifle

[schema type=”product” name=”Mauser M12″ brand=”Mauser” manfu=”Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH” model=”Mauser M12″ ] In the first half of the 19th century Franz Andreas Mauser worked as a main gunsmith in the Prussian state arsenal in the city of Oberndorf. His son Peter Paul Mauser was born in 1838, went to military technical school, and joined t... »

Stevens Model 200

Stevens Model 200 – Savage Arms

[schema type=”product” name=”Stevens Model 200″ brand=”Savage Arms” model=”200″ ] Although low priced, with more than basic finish and plastic stock, this is a formidable rifle which offers a platform for a number of modifications combined with match-grade accuracy. Click for pricing info: Savage® Arms Model 220 at Cabelas   The company which makes t... »

titan 16 roeesler

Titan 16 – Roessler

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Titan 16″ brand=”Titan” manfu=”Roessler Waffen Gmbh” ] Repeating rifles are without doubt the most common type of hunting rifle among hunters worldwide. Although turn-bolt action rifles are by far most popular, recent rapid development of straight pull rifles may le... »

benelli beccaccia supreme

Benelli Vinci Shotguns

Those of you who are into sport cars as well are probably familiar with the meaning of “concept model”. To cut it short, a concept model is car that looks as if it came from the distant future. They usually make only one or few units, never in large series. Brimming with new solutions and futuristic looks, the sole purpose of concept cars is to show company’s power and intellectu... »

Sauer 101

Sauer 101 Hunting Rifle

[schema type=”product” url=” ” name=”Sauer 101 Carbine” manfu=”Sauer” model=”S101″ ] Sauer can be easily called a byword of quality. They have close ties to Swiss companies “Sig”, “Mauser”, “Ruag”, “Zeiss” and “Blaser”. All rifles with the “Sauer” name are top quality firearms, no matter the type. Th... »

Rizzini SRL rifles

Rizzini SRL: A Family of Guns

[schema type=”organization” orgtype=”Organization” url=”” name=”Rizzini SRL” description=”Fabrica D’ Armi Rizzini” street=”Via 2 Giugno 7/7 bis” city=”Marcheno” state=”Brescia” postalcode=”25060″ country=”IT” email=&... »

Hawk Shotguns

Hawk Shotguns

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Type 97″ brand=”Hawk Industries” manfu=”China North – Norinco – Hawk Industries” ] Remington’s new clothes Hawk Industries (a division of China North – Norinco) is located in the city of Qiqihar in northern China and was founded in 1954. The Co... »

Titan Roesler Bolt Action Rifles

Titan Roesler Bolt Action Rifles

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Titan Roesler Bolt Action Rifles” manfu=”Roesler” model=”Titan Roesler” ] At the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, a father and a son, Erich and Walter Roesler started a family business in the Austrian town of Kufstein. They o... »

tikka t3 carbines

Tikka T3 Carbines

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Tikka T3 Carbines” brand=”Tikka T3″ manfu=”Tikka” model=”T3″ ] The company “Tikkakoski O/Y” was founded in the Finnish city of Sakara in 1893. Until the end of the First World War, they made various machines and early engines. Only in 1918, during th... »

Johann Fanzoj Rifles

Johann Fanzoj Rifles: Dangerous Hunts

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Johann Fanzoj Rifles” brand=”Johann Fanzoj Rifles” manfu=”Johann Fanzoj” ] The region of Ferlach in Austria is rich in iron ore, timber and water power, which was essential for the birth of metalworking, that is, organized gun production. As the military guns... »

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