How To Choose The Best Plate Carrier For Combat?

How To Choose The Best Plate Carrier For Combat?

Gone are the days when plate carriers were used only by military personnel or those in law enforcement. Today, they have become one of the most ubiquitous pieces of equipment. Not only are they a preferred load carriage option for military and law enforcement but also have become increasingly popular amongst the civilians.

That being said, there are hundreds of options to choose from which makes selecting the most appropriate carrier a daunting task. While finding the one that fits you right is crucial, but there are other important factors too that need to be considered. 

And, in this article, we will shed light on the same. Read on and learn how to choose the best plate carrier for yourself. 

List down the stuff you need to carry

First things first. 

Think of all the stuff you will need to carry, and it’s even better to list it down somewhere. However, do remember that you don’t need to fill up every attachment space in your plate carrier. The more you add things in it, the heavier it gets. 

As it is, the plate carrier is a heavy piece of equipment in itself, and with every pouch you add, there are chances that it becomes difficult for you to perform your tasks. 


Besides, make sure no items are mounted as it might get in the way of shouldering your weapon. The key is to take stuff that’s actually required and leave the rest behind. 

Weight is an important consideration

As we mentioned above, you should only carry important stuff in your plate carrier, we’d now like to stress upon the fact that the weight of your plate carrier is essential.

Always keep in mind that the weight of your plate carrier is directly proportional to your speed. This implies that if your plate carrier is heavy, the speed at which you move slows down and vice-versa. And, this can be detrimental to yourself. 

Nearly all activities today (be it hunting, chasing, or paintball) require you to wear a plate carrier. And, if you don’t respond in time, especially in a combat situation, you must be prepared to bear the consequences. 

So, choose wisely. 

Hot environments are an issue

Heat is yet another factor that should cross your mind when looking for the best plate carrier. If you sweat a lot when you’re wearing a tactical vest or you happen to work in an area where the temperatures are warm throughout, you should look for a carrier that manages heat. In fact, there are certain plate carriers that come with hydration carriers or hydration bladders and these prove to be extremely helpful. 


Heat buildup is a real issue with most of the plate carriers in the industry. So, make sure you do your research and choose the one with the aforementioned features. 

Plate carrier’s material plays an important role

The material with which these plate carriers are made up of is an important thing to be considered. Usually, these are made either with steel, ceramic, or polyethylene. 

The plates made out of each of these materials have separate features that make them suitable for different situations. 

Steel plates are the most popular of all and have been for a long time. Although they provide the needed protection, they are a bit heavy. 

Ceramic plates, on the other hand, offer equal protection to the wearers against a bullet. In fact, they are as good as steel plates but they have one drawback. Ceramic plates are not able to stop a bullet if they are hit on the same spot more than once. 


Polyethylene plates, the latest of them all, are the most effective at repelling rifle rounds. Besides, they are much lighter than steel and ceramic plates. 

Conduct thorough research about the plate’s material, keep in mind your requirements and then choose a plate carrier.  

Discreteness is a concern

There are times when you have to wear a plate carrier but you’ll be benefitted only when it is concealed. This is common among people of the armed forces. This prevents them from getting targeted at unprotected areas. 

So, if discreteness is a concern for you too, then you must invest in a carrier that you can wear easily without getting noticed. 

Final Word

Considering all these factors alongside your mission and requirements will surely help you make an informed decision. And, while you’re checking out the best plate carriers for yourself, get your hands on quality tactical gear too. For the same, Vertx is the brand to trust. 

Good luck! 

January 20, 2020
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